Guss the Good Cabbie

April 3, 2010
By JoshMcC BRONZE, Lexington, Ohio
JoshMcC BRONZE, Lexington, Ohio
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“No!” I yell as I cover my eyes with my shacking hands. Trying to cover out the truth of what had just happened. Trying to wake myself form this nightmare, only to open my eyes to the same sight I had covered them from.

“This is truly a historical day,” said a proud looking man on the news. “The United States has a new president.” The news man seemed to be mocking me as he said that, only making my anger grow. I was almost in a fit of rage when I heard a knock on the door.

“Hello,” I mumbled as I opened the door slowly.

“By your speech I take it you have heard the news,” said a filmier voice.

“Ah yes, I have heard it but not yet do I believe my ears.”

“Believe them my friend for it is fact not fiction which your ears hear.” At this point I was in no mood for testing my wits. But at least I could vent on my friend instead of my coworkers.

“You’ve been watching that tape again haven’t you,” My good friend Dr. Denials said with disappointment in his voice. You know he is our president rather you like it or not.

“Yes I know he is our president, he is also the great president who just started World War Three!”

“Yes he is, or at least according to last nights news, but we have to go by his judgment.” Seeing me in no mood to talk he then said good day and left with hast. He knows how I was when I got this train of thought. I sat back down on the couch and pressed play watching America elect the president. Yelling at the TV as this familiar video played before my eyes again and again. I could not hold back the sobs any longer. They started to leak out against my will. My friend would have thought different of the war if he had known my number had been drown. I Saw nothing more to do so I turned off the TV and laid down to sleep. Thinking about how I would be going to war for a president whose name makes me shake with discuss.

The next morning I did not go to work as I would on a normal day. There was no point for I doubted I would be coming back to America, or at least coming back with any life left in my body. I was to enjoy my last day before I would be shipped off to training, then to war. Me being a humble man was not leaving much only a job, a cat, and nothing else. No one would miss me with the exception for Dr. Denials. But I was confident his fate would be much like mine. I Called a cab, I was not going to waist a second of my time that I had. As the cab pulled around the corner I looked at my watch. Hmm only 5 hours left I thought to myself.

“Where to?” the cabbie asked as I opened the door and got it.

“Where not to?” I asked teasing the brain of this poor cabbie, certain I would make it up to him.

“Look mister I ain’t no poet, just a cab driver. If you want to go somewhere you had better spell it out real clear or I have other clients to get.

“Keep you meatier running good Cabbie,” I said with a grin, “Take me all around New York one more time. The cabbie turned around annoyed with me and started driving without another word. He took the common way that all tourist took. As I looked out the window I saw a homeless man. “Stop the cab!” I yelled as the cabbie slammed on his brakes. His face had the expression as if he was thinking Thank god this buffoon is leaving. But I saw that look disappear as I told him to stay I would be right back. That cabbie sure seems to be in a bad mood I thought to myself as I neared the homeless man. Once I got within reaching distance I handed him 4 hundred dollar bills. The homeless man had not time to thank me before I had gotten back into the cab with that unbearable cabbie. Figures, I thought to myself, My last day in New York and I get a grumpy cabbie. I parted the cabbie at the airport and 6:30. My plain was to leave at 7:00 to take me to basic training in Alabama. Sitting in the seat I waited. Soon enough it was time for me to take leave. I boarded the plain slowly and gloomily. Just as I got seated I saw that unbearable cabbie come walking down the ilea. He stopped at my row of seats, looked at his ticket as if he where hoping he had read it wrong, then seated himself into the seat next to me.

“Well if it isn’t my good friend the cabbie,” I said with gladness in my hart that I might be able to test my whit’s once more.

“Good day,” The cabbie mumbled under his breath with a annoyed look on his face.

“Where you heading?” I ask using imperfect English so that I may not offend this man anymore then I have already.

“Training, then war if you must know,” the cabbie said almost in a aggressive voice.

“Why that’s where I’m heading myself,” I remarked. The cabbie nodded his head then looked away as if he had something better to think about. After some time of day dreaming I grew bored and grew carious of the man who sat beside me.

“I don’t believe I caught you name?” I stated, not expecting to get a response.

To my surprise he immediately turned around and said “Gus is the name.”

“Well Gus I have a question for you, if you got drafted why where you running your cab today? Gus mourned as if I had forced him to remember something he had been trying to forget.

“My family, my wife and boy, they are the reason I ran my cab. They need every penny I can give. They will go though hard times with this government pay they will get. They will most likely starve I am sad to say.”

“Oh I am trebly sorry to hear that,” I said with all sincerity. “I know!” I almost yelled as I had a great idea. Gus just looked at me as if I had gone insane. I will transfer the money in my bank account to yours, there will be plenty for them to live in comfort on.

“No what money would you return to then?” Gus asked

“My dear Gus I have a feeling I will not be returning so I have no need for money, I have no family myself.”

“You are very nice but…”

“Nonsense I will accept no buts, your family will have all of my money. There will be enough for them to live five life’s full.” Gus tried to thank me but no words came to his mouth. But I could read his face and knew what he meant to say. I pulled my cell phone from my pants pocket where I kept it. I dialed the number to reach my accountant so that he might switch the bank accounts.

“Hello,” it was a great relief to me to hear a friendly voice.

“Hello I would like to switch all the money in my accounts into a different one, can that be done?”

“Oh Hello, he almost yelled as he realized who I was, “yes it can be done to what account my a switch it to?”

“To the account of one Gus the cabbie.”

“I am afraid I am going to have ask his last name also.” The plain then took a violent jerk to the left, then if felt as if we where losing altitude as the plain fell from the sky. Every passenger started screaming, my accountant who started yelling what was wrong.

I was began to fade in and out of consciousness due to the panic when I heard my accountant for the last time yelling clearly worried “Hello, hello what’s happening!” I then said…

…May God have mercy on the good cabbie Gus, his wife, and his boy…

The author's comments:
After the rage of our current president being elected i thought, "eh whats the worst that could happen." this is what i came up with, even though its far from the worst possibility.

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