Two Red Lights

April 1, 2010
By AlecEberhardt SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
AlecEberhardt SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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They are the only ones that bother me. I am the only one that bothers them. Two red lights glowing lucidly in the darkness, just like mine. Two who have been there for three hundred miles now. Two red eyes watching me. Two red eyes keeping me conscious. From my car there is distance, but the red glow makes it feel so close.

Their power is vivid. They practically freeze time. They speed up and slow down and shine down on the worn path beneath them and cut through the darkness with a stream of red blood and they never quit. This is what they do.

Let one forget his path, they’d blind him like the sun, each with their shrilling power. Drive, drive, drive, lights are my door to hide behind while the road after me chases me with a knife. They guide.

When I am too tired and too angry to keep driving, when I am just another set of lights on this winding road, then it is I look at the glowing red eyes. When there is nothing to look back on there is something before me. Two who shine despite the past. Two who lead and do not forget to lead. Two whose reason is to be seen.

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