March 29, 2010
By SkyeA. GOLD, Deer Island, Oregon
SkyeA. GOLD, Deer Island, Oregon
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Death is as light as a feather, Duty heavier than a mountain.

Long ago at the beginning there was a man Irgon who had pride beyond imagining and the arrogance of a fool. His hair was white and his skin as bright as snow. He believed he could be better than others for his uniqueness and believed he would champion all others in battle. A lowly goddess Unibi heard his challenge call and answered in the guise of a human. When the god came to call Irgon made a deal, “If you win I’m in your service till you die. If I win you will do the same for me.” Unibi accepted Irgons offer.

Unibi as the challenge acceptor chose the weapon and she chose the weapon of his people, the sword. When he attacked her she blocked his every move as if it were a bother. After long hours Irgon accepted defeat. In his grief he begged for death yet Unibi answered as only this, “With all your pride and all your arrogance you shall be banished for all your life to walk the land as a bear. I permit you to keep the gift of your white hair. But you must live forever cursed as the animal your pride made you. Never forget that it was your fault you shall walk the land of your people but no longer among those who you once called your own. After you die your sons then your son’s sons and daughters will carry the burden you left them until the end of time.”

With that Unibi uttered the spell of transformation and Irgon changed and his sword became his claws and his daggers became his teeth, yet his transformation wasn’t near complete. His soul took the form of a bear and he and his pride became one.

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