Sandra Reads Books

March 29, 2010
By cmcloone SILVER, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
cmcloone SILVER, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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As a little girl Sandra always wanted to learn how to read. Her family was very poor and couldn’t afford to buy her books. Everyday she would bug her dad to teach her how to read, but her dad simply said they couldn’t buy her any books. Although she came from a low income family, she was determined to learn how to read. She started to collect neighbors weekly newspapers and she taught herself to read. Although the material she was given was much more highly educated then she was use to, she learned from it, she became a extravagent reader.
Sometimes I ask her what she is reading. Most of the time she is reading some type of love story or something some type of mystery. But every once in a while she will tell me about this book that has this family who is going through a terrible finacial time and they are struggling for food. She reminds me that these are the books that these are the books that touch her heart the most, the books that hit it home. You see, Sandra has made it big. She was determined to have a successful life for herself. She learned how to read and she continued to get good grades in college and with that she got a prestigious career.
One day I get a phone call, and she tells me that her company has gone bankrupt and she is losing her job. You can tell by her voice that she is frightened. Scared that her old ways, her old life will come back to haunt her. I remind her that she is a very smart and talented women and she has nothing to be afraid of. She picks up the newspaper and starts to read it just like she use to do. She looks in the classifieds for a job, because she is determined to make a difference in her life, make a difference is someone elses life.

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