One Last Friendship

March 29, 2010
By Anonymous

He is the only one who accepts me. I am the only one who follows him. One last friendship with long length and trusting people. A friendship that should not exist here but does. An unexpected event caused by the circumstances. From home I can feel it, but others just go by and do not see it.

Its vitality is ominous. It extends reaching grasp through the worst times. It extends up and it expands down and grasps our surroundings with its all seeing eyes and harnesses the victory with defensive hands and never gives up hope. This is how it continues.

This is our reason for lasting; we would flicker like dying lights, each with our lives dependant on the other. Continue, continue, continue, it says when I’m down. It supports.

When I am too battered, and too weak to keep continuing, when I am a speck surrounded by billions of stars, that is when I look to the friendship. When there is nothing left to see at this place. One that existed despite all odds. One that continues and will not forget to continue. One whose single reason is to support and support.

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