March 28, 2010
By Howler GOLD, Cerritos, California
Howler GOLD, Cerritos, California
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"Life is not abut the number of breaths you take but about the moments that take your breath away"

I stared at my dad through the thick ugly bars as I tried to remember why I was here. He was crying on the other side as I sat there tied down with cuffs with no feeling, my emotions died when I killed my best friend whom I caught making out with the only boy I had ever loved. From there, I was sent to a mental hospital and they repeatedly stuck needles in my veins. Every day, the nurses would come into my room to give me my daily pills as I hid them underneath my tongue. My dad called my name, but I couldn’t look at him, every time I did I saw my best friend dying on the cold pavement.
“It’s time” The nurse tapped me on my shoulder to get up, but I was too weak.
“Five more minutes, please!” My dad begged an that’s when I looked into his eyes and saw the man I once knew. The nurse ignored my fathers pleas as a couple of nurses picked me up to take me to my room. Once I was in the cell, the first thing I saw was my best friend in my bed. Blood covered the sheets. I struggled as the nurses pushed me in and locked the doors shut.
“She’s here! Help me! Somebody help!-” My words were cut off by a pair of strangling hands that squeezed my throat. Not again, I thought.

Fighting my way out, trying to seek air throughout the cracks of her hands, but she was powerful.. It felt in any minute, she would snap my neck in a blink of an eye, so I fought. I bit through her skin before she pushed me against the wall, I squirmed on the floor, holding my ribs. I would need new stitches again.
“Somebody!” I screamed crying on the floor in agony and this time, the nurses heard me. They rushed in, but only stopped.
“What is wrong with her? Why does she keep continuing to punish herself?” One nurse whispered loudly, thinking that I did not hear. I was being helped by a nurse as I spoke viciously through clenched teeth. “You don’t know anything about me! I would not hurt me!” I said crying, the nurse who helped patted my back. “It’s okay, she didn’t mean it”
I took a moment for myself, looking back and forth at the nurses and then down to their hands which held the keys.
“Darnell, clean this place up, there is blood everywhere” One nurse walked out, upset; the other took me to the doctor for more stitches. He did not look pleased to see me. This was my fourth time being in his office for injuries in a week. I know it had to be a record.
“Again?” The doctor asked lifting up my blood stained shirt.
No response.
“Tell me, how did this happened?” He asked staring in shock
“I was pushed into a wall” I finally spoke
“Sure, these stitches looked ripped apart” He walked out of the office obviously disappointed. I sat up looking at my stitches that looked like I pulled them out and was horrified. All of a sudden, the door slammed and I could hear the heavy breathing. I didn’t want to look, I already knew it was her. I slightly looked up at her long frizzed her over her face, covering one eyes. She had every bruise I had given her still marked on her body and then I looked down, my breathing was cut short once I saw the knife I had used, it was freshly dipped in blood. A tear streamed down my cheek, I knew what she came back for, VENGEANCE.

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Just something I came up with hope you all like!

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