Mysterious Delight

March 26, 2010
By Gabby95 BRONZE, Suffern, New York
Gabby95 BRONZE, Suffern, New York
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There I am sitting at my table, when something strange is sitting right in front of me.
I look at it with a puzzled look on my face. I sit there for a while trying to decipher what it is, and what to make of it. After looking at this odd item I decide to create an experiment. With each experiment I have done in the past I realize I need materials; this looks like a job for my five super senses.
I sit next to “it” and observe what I see. This item is very small and seems quite so delicate. It is so delicate that if I pressed my fingers together the contents inside spill out. It has a shiny/ shimmery exterior that burns my eyes; it is nothing that I have seen before. Its exterior is metallic and silver in color. “It” is in a form of a tear drop. On top of it sticks out something white, it looks as if it is a mini flag. On this “flag” there are these blue symbols, which I can not decipher.
Time for phase two. I put this item in my hand, and observe with great intent. This tear drop in my hand is smooth at the bottom and rough along the edges. At the top is the “flag.” I feel it; it feels really smooth and soft. It feels almost like a thin paper material. I go on to my next step, using my ears. I open this item to reveal its contents inside. “Tsss” it’s almost as if the outside is sizzling. As I continue to open it I hear an explosion of noise, and crackling.
I only have two more phases of this experiment. I am on to my nose. I raise “it” to my face just below my nose. I take a deep breath and whiff in the scent of something sweet. I take another breath and smell something metallic. Finally I smell as though this thing has been produced in a factory with the smell of thousands of rubber gloves toughing it.
I’m on to my final step. I am about to put this unknown object into my mouth. I start to sweat, can I die from this? I think. I place it on the tip of my tongue, and then “bang” an explosion of sweetness in my mouth. It tastes scrumptious, creamy, milky, and some what chalky. “It” tastes like heaven! I let it sit on my tongue and with in two minutes it’s gone. “It” dissolved right on my tongue. It tasted like so much love went into such a small substance. “I know...I shall call it a kiss!”

The author's comments:
In class we had to use our five senses to describe a mysterious unknown substance ( Hershey Kiss).

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