My Dream Confession

March 7, 2010
By Anonymous

And then there I was, standing in the most beautiful dress I could find in the store at the mall. The whole two months I've saved for this dress to wear, and I looked great in it! I felt amazing. I felt like when I saw him, I could do this.
My warm brown hair was chopped into that "Audrey Hepburn" style I adore so much. I framed my face. It made me look older than I usually seemed. The eye liner that was every so gracefully applied twenty minutes before arrival at the dance also had the same affect, and the lip gloss didn't look too showy or bold either. It fit in perfectly with my elfish face. The dress, though strapless, made me feel sexy with how it flowed easily with my dancing.
Then my opportunity came. He was alone, and not too many people I didn't know were around him. I didn't even have to pull him aside. He immediately left them to walk up to me as I stood there waiting innocently. He was as handsome as ever. His dark hair made his fair face stand out perfectly along with his angular features. Not only was he built and handsome, but he was also the guy of every girl's dream (or at least mine if not). I smiled and waved. His reply was another smile and wave too, and my heart started to speed up.
"Enjoying the dance?" he asked over the roar of the music.
"Why wouldn't I?" I replied enthusiastically. The beat that just got me started to play, and everyone joined me as I started to move. We laughed and teased each other as the songs slipped by one by one. Hours pass through our dance. I was enjoying being a high school freshman for the first time in ages too.
The songs wound down to the last dance sooner than I expected. I was surprised at how fast everything went. I gasped when they finally announced the last song. I looked to him, and carefully tugged on his sleeve.
"Would you like to dance with me?" I asked hopefully, grinning shyly in his direction. He gave me a puzzled look, and then his eyes widened in sudden realization.
"Um, you know that girl from speech right?" he asked, nervously rubbing his hands together. I nodded, already seeing where this was going.
"Well, um, we're sort of supposed to dance together for this. She's sick tonight though, but it still doesn't feel right dancing with anyone else. I'm sorry." He looked down sheepishly, expecting me to break down or something. He had possibly even seen this coming. He already knew I had feelings for him.
Still, I couldn't break down. I couldn't feel it tonight. Oddly enough, when I should have felt upset or depressed, I felt as I had that night when I had arrived. If I could handle confessions, I could handle the bad news too.
I grinned wide, showing that I wasn't hurt.
"Naw, it's cool!" I said, giving him a pat on the back. I left to go dance with a friend for the last dance. He and I were never that close for a "dating relationship", but at least I wasn't sitting alone against the wall. At least someone was there.
My dance partner asked, "So you finally got the news?" I nodded, leaning myself against him lightly.
"I don't see why I should cry though," I said. "With how I look and feel now, crying would only smear my eye liner. What could would that do?" I smiled weakly, finally feeling the exhaustion from the night.

The author's comments:
Everyone has one. Here is a dream confession for a fifteen year old girl. She honestly likes this guy, and she doesn't know how much he sees it. Her only chance to tell him comes with the most unlikely surprise.

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