March 5, 2010
By luckywolf BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
luckywolf BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
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Roxxanna. She had a smile that was contagious. It was perfect in the least, yet, whenever she smiled you smiled without a second thought. Her skin was as pale as the face of the moon, glowing hauntingly somehow. Large almond shaped eyes sat in the planes of rounded cheekbones. One eye was a mossy green that was reminiscent of fresh dewy grass in the morning while the other was as blue as the polar ice caps in Antartica. She was beautiful. Beautiful and deadly. Roxxanna. Her hair was like an ocean of raven's wings, a deep onyx that had a sapphire undertone. It hung in waist length ringlets that seemed endless, like a black hole consuming whatever was close enough to satisfy it's appetite. Her lips were often an unusual blood red. She slithered through the halls unnoticed most of the time. She was almost like a ghost that only was visible when it wanted to interact with you. Roxxanna. She consumed you with her words. Endless stories of far away lands that she'd visited with her father. Her lies. She fed them to her victims until they were yearning for more. Then she would starve them, staying distant for a while until they were so emaciated that they had no fight, no hope. Roxxanna. The beautiful soul stealer would walk away unsupected, a ghost. Roxxanna. She had a smile that was contagious...

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