March 4, 2010
By Anonymous

There's no sense of time, or place. I have been lost at sea for what seems like forever, I don't know what happened. He watches. He waits. He stands on the shore, as if looking for me. His eyes are hopeful every time, but something in them knows a greater truth.
I am floating. Somehow somewhere, I reappear on the surface. Am I dead? I ask myself as I move just my eyes to observe my surroundings. Everyting looks real, everything looks alive. The sky is gray like last time. I love my gray sky. Slowly I try and put myself up-right, and tread the water since its too deep. I turn around from the view of a vast ocean, and bring myself to face a very small bay coming ahead. Probably too small to even be called a bay. As I get nearer, I see something. On the shore, it's tall, skinny, and at that point I know I'm not mistaken. That familiar figure I know. It's him. A jolt of electricity goes through me, and I can't do anything but swim toward shore. He doesn't see me, I'm too far. Then I see him turn, he's leaving. No! Panicking, I unsuccessfully try to run in the water. Please wait, my mind says. "HEY!!" I shout, but my voice is hoarse. "WAIT! PLEASE!" I try again, getting louder with each word. I'm nearer now, but he can't hear me. "Please!" My pleads crack and turn into light sobs. He walks slow, just like usual when in thought. I missed him greatly.
My toes finally touch the ground and my adrenaline starts up. I run as fast as this water would let me, and as I do I shout as if my life depended on it. "HEY!...HEYYY!" I stop. I'm shivering. The wind picks up and I hug myself waist-deep in water. He stops. With a glimmer of hope I thought he heard me. He turns around, and instantly his eyes meet my figure. I don't move, neither does he. He stares for a long minute, wondering I guess if he thinks he's lost his mind. I stare, scared to death that he might disappear in front of me. After what felt like a millenium, he starts to walk to me in a daze. I stare at his beautiful figure as he walks. That familiar step, those familiar arms, that soft gaze...I was already lost.
He stops a few meters in front of me, unsure of what to do. I don't know if he thinks I'm real. I don't even know if I am. He opens his mouth as if to say something, but nothing comes out. It's alright though. His eyes say it all. To answer his question, I loosen my arms a bit and take a step forward. Seeing that, he eliminated the rest of the space between us. My face goes in his hands, and I'm home again.

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