Lights Fading into the Noon Day Sun

April 3, 2010
By JoshMcC BRONZE, Lexington, Ohio
JoshMcC BRONZE, Lexington, Ohio
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As Dannie Walker walked though the front doors of the bank he noticed a unusual amount of employees around his desk. As he got closer he heard yelling than saw a chair go flying though the sky. The chair met the big window in the front of the bank with a aloud crash.

“What is this all about,” Dannie said in a commanding voice.

“You didn’t hear,” said a bank teller in a annoyed voice.

“Hear what,” Dannie said with confusion in his voice.

The teller got up as if he were going to punch Dannie and yelled, “Two of the biggest banks in the United States just went bankrupt!” Dannie was taken aback by the anger in the tellers voice. he walked out of the bank and got in his car to head for home. He knew there was going to be no use in him staying. After all the bank itself would not last much longer.

He drove around looking at the Texas landscape dreading the moment when he would have to tell his wife what had happened. He knew that the stock market had crashed and that his small local bank would not be able to last much longer. Before this time He, his wife, and his 2 year old sun where able to live a happy peaceful life. His bank was able to bring in enough money for them to live a decent life. But now that all was about to go away.

This all happened about a month ago. Now Dannie Walker and his family are living on welfare. They have had to move out of there two story house and live in a small apartment. However he knew that they where lucky to sell his house at all even though they took it at big loss.

One morning he drove to his now empty bank to open it. It was a mercurial that his bank had lasted this long. He had already had to sell his house and fire all but 2 employees to keep the bank afloat. As he approached the front door he noticed that the door was open.

“That’s odd,” Dannie said to himself “ how did that happen.” He walked up to the door and inspected the lock, broken. He than proceeded to walk to the banks phone, dial 911, and set the phone down. He had no need to talk to anyone. He knew that the cops where coming and that is all he could have asked for.

About 5 minuets latter a cop drove up in a patrol car lights flashing. “You the owner of this here bank?” The cop asked in a southern accent.

“Yes I called because someone has broken into the bank here.”

“Anything token?” the cop asked without any emotion.

“Why I have not thought to check yet,” the cop walked by Dannie farther into the bank. He looked around with out showing any sing of surprise. His sunglasses hiding his uncaring eyes. His soul must have been as dark as those sunglasses. What he must have seen to make him like that Dannie did not want to know. “The safe!” Dannie yelled as he got over the stun of getting robed. He ran to the safe in the back of the building to find it open and empty.

“20 bucks this was the doing of your loyal costumers,” the cop said as if it where all only a joke.

“What makes you think that?”

“well as I see it,” the cop said, “ The good peoples of this here bank put there money in. but lost it when it froze letting you do anything you ever want wit it. So them good people who put all that money into this here bank felt ripped off such as they should. So they broke in and took the $7,700 you had in that there safe.” The cop said with a sly grin on his face.

“Wait, how did you know how much was in the bank,” Dannie yelled in a fit of rage.

The cop laughed showing for the first time that he had emotion. “So you finally figured it out. Yeah I was one of you “loyal costumers” who you ripped off. But your be glad hear that all your money has been given back to the community that you tooked it from. And don’t try to call the cops on me cause I was not alone. At that the cop marched out of the bank, got into his car and left the scene with his lights blazing. Dannie stood there speechless. He knew he could not afford to take the cop into court, and even if he did he had no proof. So he stood there watching the lights fade into the now noon day sun along with his hope of having a peaceful life once again.

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This is the result of an English assignment.

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