The Hunt

March 15, 2010
By DIVOted2MuSiC SILVER, Bolingbrook, Illinois
DIVOted2MuSiC SILVER, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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The hunter steadily crept amongst the bushes. He could see his prey now, for they often came here for water. He was absolutely silent. Behind him a twig snapped. His prey froze for a moment, and glanced around warily. The hunter held his breath as his prey gazed around. After a while, it relaxed. The hunter sighed with relief and hissed at his bigger companion “Watch what you do!” “Sorry” came the whispered reply. The hunter rolled his eyes. They always paired him with the novices. Slowly, carefully he crept towards the beast. He could see the dark skin and matted fur, stained in some places. He raised his rifle steadily and aimed carefully. There was a crash from behind him, accompanied by a very loud cry of pain. The hunter swore as his prey rose from the water and fled. He looked back. His stupid companion had tripped over a log. “Stay here.” He snarled at him. He ran behind his prey, trying to shoot it, but it was fast on foot. He called in the dogs “Abelard, Dixie go get him!” He yelled. Immediately, two hounds, both ferociously enormous, joined the hunt. It was an unmatched contest, for they were faster than their prey could ever hope to be. But even so, it was cunning and climbed up a tree. The hunter smiled. There was a brief bellow of pain and his prey fell out of the tree. He flashed a smile at the hidden hunter in the tree. His prey was on the ground, whimpering softly. He aimed carefully and shot it. The whimpering stopped. He stood proudly as the rest of the hunters gathered around the specimen. It was a good one, for it was big and would provide plenty of meat. The hidden hunter flew in from the tree and claimed the hair. It would make for him a good eagle’s nest. The tiger, of course, being the best hunter, claimed the largest share. His clumsy companion, the bear received nothing, for he had almost ruined the hunt. The head was claimed by the lion, for humans have unusually thick skulls and it would make a nice gift for his cub to play with once he learned to walk upright.

The author's comments:
just assume that animals have now developed so they can hold guns

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