55 fictions

March 15, 2010
A businessman attended a very important meeting vital for a promotion. He had an incredible strong urge to pass gas, but he dared held it as long as he could. As the meeting dragged on, he couldn’t bear it much more longer. Then hell ripped loose. But gas wasn’t the only thing that came out.

I squirmed through the dirt. All I saw was blackness. All I heard was nothing. I dug even deeper in the dirt looking for a way out. I felt a blade pierce me in half. But my lower half I still could move. And my upper body. I had been reincarnated into a worm. Again.

“Cover the rear” shout a solider.

We’re flanked and surrounded. One by one our number shrinks. I see a enemy and taking my time, I pull the trigger. He wont be coming home for Christmas. I fall to my knees. Another bullet pierces my skull. Blood splatters my surviving comrades. I put down the controller.

She moaned loudly. I stroked her spine so gently. All alone. Her hair so soft. Her gleaming eyes. I wasn’t sure, but I tried my best. I remember my fear. My heart pounded. But I felt no shame. Then she spread her legs open, Then all at once white liquid squirted out. The cow mooed.

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