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March 13, 2010
By tooFULL BRONZE, Carson, California
tooFULL BRONZE, Carson, California
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Stealing wasn’t just a way to get his daily does of thrills to Daniel, to him it was his way of getting back at the world for taking his mom away. He stole things to have them and to try to get back what was taken from him. He wanted to stop…countless of times did he look in the mirror and saw his mom in him. He smiled and then looked away all awhile knowing full well what his mom would’ve said.
“My little Danny, honey you know I have always loved you..” he could still hear it and remember being laid on his bed, his eyes so tired.
“mom….I could use your advice right about now…I’m lost…so lost” Daniel realized it was hopeless but that it was still worth a try.
He decided to go for a drive in his old neighborhood.
“huh…it hasn’t changed one bit…” he thought but knew full well that everything was changed. His memories seems to escape him as he tried to find the old pond in the broken down park near where he used to live.
“I wonder if they removed it..” he asked himself hoping it wasn’t what he expect it would be.
The old pond was now nothing more than just a big dry empty hole.
“…just like my heart..” Daniel whispered to himself. He looked around hoping to find something if anything that may hold some memories of him and his mother.
He decided to just walk and think it out. As he looked around he try to bring himself to think what had happened when his mom died without feeling too sad.
Couple years has passed since he last saw his mom smile and now those years feel like eternity all awhile it seemed to evade him.
“It seems so long ago….” He thought, “…since I last came here…”
He closed his eyes for a second to get his thoughts back together and to keep his tears from running down his cheeks.
Right after his mom died he and his dad moved back west. “New start” his dad called it.
“what was so bad about the old one?” he asked his dad.
“..oh nothing son…it just holds too many sad memories..” his dad answered. Dan could see the tears in his dad’s eyes then and thought whatever happened to his dad’s funny jokes.
Back west he had to start a new life with new people whom he never really cared for all except Jenny.
“I wonder what she is doing now…” he asked himself “…probably still trying to make it as a singer…”
He took another deep breathe. “okay may be it’s about time I got outta here..”
Daniel knew it was getting too late and his grandma would worry. He looked at the old pond again one last time and remembered when he try to catch the duck that stole his picnic food long ago.
“You get back here you Quacky!” he yelled as he tried to chase it down.
“Honey, watch out!” his mom tried to catch him.
He remembers catching the duck and falling into the pond. Before he got up on his feet his mom jumped in to save him.
Now at present, a smile reached to his cheeks. He remembers how the water only went up to his belly button.
“oh mom you didn’t have to jump in you know….” He said.
“Danny you got me so worried…” she answered “I don’t know what I would do if I ever let you get hurt” he said lifting him up and trying to dry him.
As she lift him up, Daniel showed her what he was holding on his hand.
He showed her the duck that took his food.

The author's comments:
I wrote this one Saturday afternoon trying to relax before i write my senior speech but i just cant seem to end it....

i really want to finish this not for school but i just want to see it through...

i got stuck and started to ramble on and on about his past but cant seem to find any conclusion to resolve all this...

please help me out by giving me some pointers or even write out how you might end it....
please i need some advice

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