March 4, 2010
By Rookie9 SILVER, Monroe, North Carolina
Rookie9 SILVER, Monroe, North Carolina
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A blast of heat hit my face. The wind shifted, making the smoke move towards me. I began to cough. I had to get out of there ,but not yet. I had to wait. I began to sweat bullets as I covered my mouth and nose with my shirt. I felt some relief from the smoke, but the heat from the fire was still strong. 'Just another minute, than I'll be able to leave.' I told myself.
My friend, Becca began calling out to me, begging me to hurry up. "In a minute, I have to finish this." I called out.
"Just forget about it and come on." Becca called to me from a distance.
I knew I should probably go, but I had to finish what I started, even if I was burning up. Finally after what felt like ages I moved away from the fire.
"Finally. we're going to be late now. I hope it was worth it." Becca scolded.
I grinned as I carefully pulled a perfectly roasted marshmallow off of a hanger. I stuffed it in my mouth.
"It was worth it." I said with my mouth still full.

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