I wish i was dead

March 4, 2010
By KCMS31 BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
KCMS31 BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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I didn’t know exactly what was going on. I’ll I knew was I was alive, but I didn’t know who else was. Sadly I was one of the lucky ones. Once the first person was shot I ran for cover. The last person I saw was my sister. She was frightened and was blank. I wanted to yell out her name but my voice was weak. The bathroom was the closest and so that was my destination. Fortunately, I was small, so I fit inside the closet. Booming shots echoed through the house one right after the other. Who was left with a beating heart? I didn’t know when to come out. What if the shooter was still inside my home. Terror kept me locked inside that closet.
Hours and hours past. Since it was late I fell asleep and growling woke me up. Somehow I sensed it was morning. Time to eat I thought. I reached for the the door, but then I pulled back. Do I want to go downstairs? I thought. Blood was probably in puddles on the bottom floor beneath me. Every person I know might be dead. I might be all alone. Water was slowly running down my cheek. “I have to get out of here,” I kept saying to myself. The only solution I came to conclude was to leave the closet and go see what happened. The hinges were so old that they screamed at my ears. Slowly I put one of my legs on the ground then the other. My hands griped the sides and pulled myself out into the bathroom. Clumsy as I am, I slid and fell on my butt, hitting my head against the metal door handle. “of course,” I whispered under my breath.
Leading my body out of the bathroom I walked to the stair way looking down. Our white stair case was no more white. Muddy foot prints trampled all over the stair case. Blood stains also compelled the stairs. One of the shooters must of come up the stairs. Turning my head blood stains caught my attention. A little trail was present and leaded to the storage room. Who made it up the stairs? And the only two people that know where the storage key is, is my sister and I. I sprinted to the door beginning to bang and yell, “BECKY!!!!!” Nothing sounded on the other side of the door. “BECKY!!!!! BECKY!!!!! IT’S ME!!!!! AUTUMN!!!!!!!OPEN UP THE DOOR!!!!!!!!! BECKY!!!!!! I stopped waiting for a sound or a sign of life. Then I started to scramble looking for the key. Becky where did you put it, I thought. I went through the places where it might be. No sign of a key anywhere. I paused trying to think. Then I heard it a cry on the other side. “Becky, hold on I’m coming in!!!” I shouted to her.
I wouldn’t say I’m buff, but I braced for impact and ran for the door. Surprisingly I hit the door and made it crack. “Only once more,” I thought. Ouch, my shoulder feels like I tore it our!!!!! The word sister is what kept me going. Again I pulled back and braced. Running again I sprang off my feet and slammed into the door, breaking the door into half. I crashed down onto the ground. A little whimper came out of my voice box. I don’t know what happened to my shoulder , but it was aching. “Becky,” I ran over to her body. She was breathing phew. Becky, my sister was laying down on her side with a puddle of blood beside her. She looked in pain and was holding her left shoulder. My big sister was rocking back and forth. She looked at me grabbing my eyes and begging for help.
“My shoulder is blazing!” Becky cried out of breath.
“Let me help you!” I pleaded.

“No just go call the ambulance!!!” Becky commanded. To talk she had to hold her breath and I knew right away to go call. Quickly I sprinted into our room grabbed my phone and went back to sit with Becky.
“Hi, my name is Autumn Beovolixe, I am fifteen and my family was shot. I don’t know who is alive, but my sister was shot in her left shoulder and is in pain. Please hurry.” I said frantically.

“Alright, may you please tell me your address?” The lady calmly asked.

“3652 S. Victorious St.” I replied.

“People are on the way, Is there a chance that you know what has happened?” the women asked. She seemed at ease. Maybe she didn’t care.

“Not really, all I know is that there were two shooters with beards, they had big guns and the first person they shot was my mom’s best friend. After that, I hid.” I said while concentrating trying to jog my memory.
“Are you alright?” The lady asked.

“Yes, I’m fine.” I said.

“Okay, people will be there shortly, would you like me to stay on the line with you until they arrive?” the women questioned. I figures she didn’t so I replied no and hung up. Silence came and I was scared. Usually, when I’m scared, my sister comforts me. This time, I have to comfort her. I had to ask her the question that was going through the mine.

“Becky, is there any one else alive?” I didn’t meet her eyes. She begain crying. I knew what that meant and I ran down the stairs and came to a hault. My family lied there motionless. Their white faces stood out like a red stain on white carpet. That was the last I saw of them.

A lot has happened in these past four weeks. My sister is almost recovered and her birthday is in three weeks. Luckily she is turning eighteen. I wish it was sooner, but sadly our court date is in two weeks. The judge has to decide what to do with us. Most likely we will be put in an orphanage. That would be the worst thing possible for us. Going into an orphanage. We are not social people. Sadly, no one knows what is going to happen. I cry myself to sleep these nights. Sometimes I wish I was dead.

The author's comments:
sad and kind of ends leaving you hanging. Only part of the story. Someday i will write more of it!!! :)

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