The Men

March 3, 2010
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It was an odd night. Very strange indeed. It was dark out. The trees seemed restless. There were no noises except the wind howling against the trees. I looked out the window and my heart jumped. I saw a pale green man in a long black coat with black eyes and pale red lips. Standing between two large trees. The man looked familiar. I grabbed my shotgun from under my bed and ran downstairs. He was not there.

I had been living in a small two story, five room house high up in the Rocky Mountains. I had moved here because something haunted me. Something that chilled me. It was my wife and two kids.

It was a dark and cold night. I had come home one evening when I found all the lights out and a black van in the driveway.

“Hmm didn’t expect company.” I said to myself.

I figured they were asleep so I left the car in the street and crept up to the front door. I heard something like ice crunching under my feet.
“That’s odd it hasn’t snowed in months.” I whispered.

When I looked down it was not ice but glass. I looked to my right and there was a blown out window. I looked back down and saw something else and made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Blood.

My heart stopped. I ran to the car and grabbed the first thing I saw which was a shoe. I then climbed through the second story window. I found myself in complete darkness. Before I knew where I was I slipped and knocked over a shelf. Then I heard voices but they were not English. More like...
“Oh my god.” I screamed as the black shadow towered over me.
He then took his bony knuckles hit me in the head.

I awoke to see my wife and kids with their head in black bags and their hands tied.
“Let them go.” I screamed.

Then the lights went out and then screams that died away into the night.
I never saw them again. I went to the police and they didn’t seem to care.

The man in the front yard looked just like one of them. I decided to go and read in bed. Just then I heard the front door open and heavy footsteps come up the stairs. I grabbed my shotgun from under my bed. I heard someone fiddle with the doorknob. I cocked the gun. The door opened and I saw a pale green man. I didn’t hesitate I knew this man killed my wife and two kids and was coming to kill me. I shot him three times just before he pulled out a long dagger. I checked his pulse and looked at him.
“You will pay,” he gasped.

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