The Story of "El" : Can you Believe?

March 20, 2010
By Anonymous

In a world that is obviously unknown from the common man. A world not accepted even if found only because of man’s reluctance to accept a higher organism than itself. I will capture a story that only I can, because I am the only one that can capture this world as I see fit because it exists in its full view inside me. I fear that if I, as well as everyone else this may reach, does not express their emotions in a form of tangible meaning we may never reach our full potential as humans. There is not to say that it is not true because even the great writers of past, present and tomorrow are yet to be accepted as reaching full potential. We fear the growth of man that comes quickly because with change we cannot see what comes next. By moving forward with our eyes blinded by fate we walk along its shaky path, unclear of where it may lead us and where it shall lead. These fears were overcome by a great many icons, heroes, history makers that mold to our subconscious and that’s only complaints can merely be proved by the fact of opinion.
If there were a higher force than us how would you react? Would you react like everyone else? Would you try to accept but fear crossing the abyss of change on your own as everyone else scatters away while the chasm of change becomes bigger and less avoidable? That for those that refused to pass fall to their demise to the endless hole that will leave them behind without a rescue at sight, like death holding a rope but cutting it too short to reach. That is why earth is so forgiving of us, because it does not expect to be forgiven when it comes and claims us back to the ground we came from or when it claims lives on one of its violent moods. For this I will continue to change in many ways so if time comes that I must change to keep moving forward I will be as balanced and unforgiving as Earth itself.
On the great world I dream of, whether of dream or of reality that we do not know, there are people like us. Some fear that those are far more advanced than we are or far less. They fear that they may destroy us with a raise of the finger declaring war or fear that if left alone they will become like us and make their own foot in the human’s very isolated world of conduct. I have no permanent facts of this place, or name of what it is called or its people. As this may be I hope you shall be patient and use what I say to understand, and hope you do not take these as fact if they do exist. It would be shameful to call them something they are not, like calling a dog by the name of a cat will not win its attention but ignorance at ones incompetence to guess.
The name I have given my country is the name of El. It may seem simple for most because of our complicated languages considering it only but a sound. However for me it represents a place still not touched by us and because of that just having the name El gives it as much grace as having the name here of the Great Kingdom of wherever it may be. El is a country because its lands produce foods like our lands, its lakes and rivers water like ours, its natural resources supplies like ours. So because of what it has in similarity I call El a country. For it does not matter to ‘El’ whether or not you consider it to be a country.
However unlike ours it is not connected to the ground by force of gravity like ours. Its magic of life is so great that it holds on up in the skies invisible to those that do not wish to believe it even if they try to imagine it. Its crystal waters flow down to our oceans, hardly causing motion because where it falls we never cross. Like us it regains its water through the earth’s cycle of rain. Its life is diverse on earth with no difference. The only one being that its plants have been allowed to grow not untended but beautifully and its animals are not forced against El or to be of service but have been treated so that after so much time they have no fear of each other, whatever the case may be. El is wild, beautiful, a flower garden in the sky, natural to show the planets natural bounty at its highest. That is why I love El because of everything we have here we strive for something over there, because of that our desires are never at peace and we die without fulfilling our goals in life even if we do not know what they are. On El we see what we want and are not hold back from that.
The people on El are different as well, they have stories like us. They do not have cars, movies, media or other uses of such future progression we use for our convenience. To be convenient is to know what is good to do and good for you in the same way. When you want food what is the cost to walk to something you feel you desire, or run there with joy, perhaps skip with unruliness, or sprint with eagerness. They look like us; think like us, walk, perhaps could talk what we talk but do all the same. They play, befriend, rejoice, despise, and entertain like us. In fact perhaps they even think about us. By chance they might think we do not exist only in their deepest thoughts like we see them from here.
Yet if we are able to see each other we must not open the doors of science to make it convenient to us to find them, we must make it possible first. The people of El, the Elims, are not perfect even as I try to catch them at their fullest, to describe the human race is to show our traits good and bad. I will not deny that privilege to them as well, for all I can imagine they might see us as perfect people of sorts if we did not know our own faults. They can be careless; because all they need is available they forget how precious they are. They can be greedy, because even when they know they should share, like our consciousness tells us, they can’t decide to listen or ignore preferring to freeze and panic. They can destroy, like us we do not see the long term effects of sickening our planet as they do not see the effects of taking their sensitive’s countries magic and using it up. Perhaps that is why we have been separated. Our goals to reach each other by aiming for that same goal instead of the goals that we can see even centuries from now on our own sides of life.
How long do you see contact between El and us happening? For some perhaps never, maybe in billions of years, maybe some believe that we have lost the chance to see them altogether as we progressed through time. Even I who can see El and the Elims in my dreams, my daydreams, and my thoughts as they run wild believe that my subconscious mind is the farthest I will be able to reach them. Perhaps by what I write I lower the hopes of contacting them for everyone reading this as well, however it is not my choice whether you will be able to see them or not because that is up to you if you want to fulfill your full potential. So tell me how much time will it take you to believe in El?

The author's comments:
Even if I present this it is only dependant on those who read it to be able to believe that El exists. Perhaps it is seen by many of us in so many different eyes. You might know it by a different name or of different form. What you call it and how you see it is how you have opened yourself up to accepting the achievements in life. It is to say I am not fact of proving this or calling its official name. However, what is a lone flower open to the sun when there is a prairie full of flowers looking at the sun for the same purpose even if individually they see he sun differently.

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