February 21, 2010
By Anonymous

Where has my life gone? I remember, as if it was yesterday, my perfect life in Ithaka. Now, I am just a poor shade in the Underworld. I was so lonely without my son, Odysseus, but it seems that I am lonelier than I ever was before. Oh father Zeus, help me fill my heart with happiness, and take away my loneliness. Please, forgive me for taking my life. All I need is one more chance, one more chance to turn my life around. Oh Zeus…
It was a great day in Ithaka, or so I thought. I awoke from a wonderful night’s rest, when Odysseus walked in my door. I approached Odysseus and said, “How is my wonderful son, Odysseus, doing this fine morning in Ithaka?” I was expecting an excellent response, but in return I heard the worst news I could have ever imagined. “Mother”, he said, “I am leaving, leaving Ithaka to fight in the battle of Troy.” My heart sank to the ground. I tried to talk Odysseus out of leaving his island of Ithaka, but he would not listen. He told me he had a duty to fulfill as King. Moments later, I found myself alone. My son had just left me, not telling me anything about his journey. I quickly began to cry and pray to Father Zeus, asking him to please protect my child during the battle.
Days had gone by, and no word from my son. I felt deep sorrow and emptiness without my little Odysseus. I still had some hope that he would return to me because I know that is what Odysseus would want for his mother. I still felt, though, as if this was a long dream that I had not yet awoke from. This could not have really happened to me, right? Oh Father Zeus, if you could hear me, please listen. Where is my son? Why have I not heard from him? Zeus please, please answer me…
Months had gone by, and still no word from my Odysseus. My heart was emptier than it had ever been. My heart was slowly breaking more and more as time went on. I never desired to get up out of my bed anymore because I had no liveliness. I was quickly losing hope as the days went by. Reality had finally settled in, and I had realized that this was not a dream.
Years had gone by, and once again, no word from my son. I still had some hope left inside me, but not enough to make me believe he was truly going to come home. I was trying to not be affected by the actions Odysseus had made. I was trying to progress forward in my life, until a young man confronted me. He told me that he had heard Odysseus had been killed. I could not believe what I had just learned. I did not know what to do except pray to the Lord, Zeus. Could this really be true my lord? I never received a response from my prayers, so I resolved my problem the quickest way possible; I killed myself.
Now I stand in the Underworld. Where is my son? If he is dead, why do I not see him? My question is soon answered. “Mother”, says Odysseus, “what are you doing here in the Underworld?” No! It cannot be you, Odysseus. I killed myself because I was told you were dead. Soon, Odysseus is gone. What did I do? My son is still alive, but I am now just a shade. What about all of the family I left behind? Oh Zeus, why did you not tell me he is still alive and well? Oh Zeus…

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