Happy Valentine's Day

February 21, 2010
By Joseph_G BRONZE, Brandon, Florida
Joseph_G BRONZE, Brandon, Florida
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“You’re everything to me: My love, my life, my world,” scribble scribble, “I love you, and I want to be with you for the rest of my life; because without you, I’m nothing. Signed, your Valentine.” He places the card into the envelope, and seals it. This is it… he thinks, there’s no turning back after this. His heart starts pounding – louder and louder with every second that passes. His mind – now fogged by memories of her – screams at him, begging him to stop, to think about it. But his mind loses, his feelings prevail and his heart has conquered his entire body; backed up by the force of his emotions.

With the card in one hand, and flowers in the other, he starts his quest to gain her love. The day is a nice one; filled with sunshine and breeze. The air has a certain aroma; not a particular scent, just a general good-feel – almost as if he has stepped into a candy store and his nostrils take in all the sugary-delights. He stops and thinks for a moment; he has a flashback – the third one today. He thinks back to high school: To the first time he saw her. He stands there, reminiscing the good ol’ days when they used to hang out; laughing about everything and anything.

He gradually picks up his pace, and crosses the street. His feet touches the dotted yellow line in the center of the road and starts smiling. He sees her house – a lot different than he had remembered; as if it changed almost overnight; however, it doesn’t matter. His feelings are over-dosing on happiness, anxiety, and excitement. He can feel the adrenalin moving throughout his veins – feels as if someone has drugged him.

From the corner of his eye, he can see something approaching; a car. Naturally, he thinks to move out of the way fast, but he is too late. Within seconds, the car hits him and knocks him over. He lies there, slowly dying, thinking about her. All that happiness, all that “rush”, gone, within a blink of an eye.

He remembers what people say: When in the presence of a near-death experience, one tends to see their life flash right before his or her own eyes – all the good memories that he or she had experienced in time: What a bunch of lies! Instead, he remembers all the sorrow he has caused, the pain he has endured, and the sadness he has been through. He takes one final look at her house, wishing she would come to his rescue; but he closes his eyes, and never gets up.

Cristina walks out her door, curious to see what all the commotion was about. She walks outside to see a guy lying on the ground, undoubtedly dead from getting hit by a car. She also sees the man – unconscious at this point – in the car that has been injured. She thinks to herself, how awful! I can’t believe something like this could happen… I need to call the ambulance.

She runs inside, grabs her phone and starts dialing 911; but is interrupted by a phone call. “Hello? Hey listen, I can’t talk right– wait what movie? YOU’RE KIDDING! I’ve been wanting to watch that movie since I saw the previews,” she laughs. “What time should I be ready? I should probably start getting ready then. Alright, thank you! Love you too, bye.” She hangs up the phone, and lets out a scream of excitement – she must get ready for tonight: a Valentine’s date with her beloved boyfriend of two years. She closes the door; completely ignoring him, Anthony, her secret admirer – now dead…

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