February 20, 2010
By PokettoKunoichi BRONZE, Yorktown, Virginia
PokettoKunoichi BRONZE, Yorktown, Virginia
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How could a baby be considered taboo?

Silently, the snow fell, drifting to wherever it happened to be going. Like a child, it was careless of the world around it, flittering among places of sorrow and flittering among places of happiness. It was the white embodiment of innocence, a fragile understanding children are but do not understand.

Why do they look at her like a misfortune?

A toddler’s laugh echoed in her milky wonderland. With tiny, pale hands, she picked up a dead stick and swung it at the fluttering pieces. Although the strange substance seemed to avoid each of her attacks, the girl felt happy. She would keep trying and trying, giggling at the trials she failed at and cheering during the instances she succeeded. She would tumble and feel the wet pieces sliding down her skin, and not notice whenever it decided to hide behind her rumpled black hair.

Where do people find their logic?

The contrasting image of black and white did not fight nor quarrel. At that moment, they loved and played with each other, ignoring worldly stereotypes that had been put upon them. Differences shattered, and two opposites became one.

When will she be accepted?

A boy of fifteen smiled sorrowfully at the sight. He did not understand why God would gift him with a rare image of purity. He did not understand what he should do or what He wanted him to do. At that moment, the boy didn’t understand anything at all. Knowledge suddenly vanished, and he felt the embrace of a longing nostalgia.

What do they see wrong with her?

Many hours had passed, and both child and snow grew weary. The two bid their soft goodbyes, and promised to play again tomorrow.

“It’s time to sleep.”

The girl felt the breath of a familiar warmth. It whispered tenderly in her ear, speaking just like an old lullaby. She closed her eyes and smiled, knowing that someone really did care for her.

Who are we?

The father gazed solemnly at the child. He was fifteen, and she was one.

People may see the two as trash and taboo. People may ridicule them for whatever they saw as abnormal. People may see them as an abomination to mankind.

Finally, he understood.

To be naive of society’s views and to follow the path one saw as correct. To simply not care. To know that the human mind is flawed and incapable of discovering true answers.

He had to be innocent like the snow.

The author's comments:
I wrote this because I believe society has no right to judge someone based on their decisions. Age does not matter when it comes to pregnancy, maturity does. A sixteen year old in the past would have been expected to have a baby, and now there's a stigma attached to them.

For teens who have been pregnant, life is never a mistake. Don't let society brainwash you into thinking one thing is right and another wrong. Learn to think for yourself.

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