Is she the same?

February 28, 2010
Almost a year, I had been in love with her. She had been my everything. The will to live, the hot sand I let slip through my fingers. She was everything and anything that could possibly make me happy. Why I stopped or had to stop loving her I wont say, its not something I like to talk about. But, six months later and we were friends again, distant friends but friends none the less. I met up with her today and when I saw her, for the first time, in six months, she wasn't the same. Yes, she was the same person; same personality but something was different. The sweeping black hair I envied was now pulled back and long. The vibrant flesh I had once longed to touch and be touched by was a listless pale that was as plain as my own. And her eyes, the gleaming orbs of topaz that could seep into my very soul, had become as ordinary as a blade of grass or a single strand of thread. As I saw what had been building anxiety in my mind the car ride there, i wondered; Where was the girl I had fallen in love with? Mentally she was still there but her appearance had been dulled down to make her as remarkable as anyone else. Which brought me to this; Is the magnificence that appears in someone you love just an illusion? They're earth shattering beauty something your mind has placed over them? Like a film that comes over your view of them. Only when you truly loose the love for them does it disappear and they become utterly forgettable. Some may think that their personality makes them less attractive when in all honesty their anger in what they have done has torn down the shield and they have become what they used to be. It just shows how powerful the single mind and one single emotion can be when you subdue to it.

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