8th Grade Anger Management

March 2, 2010
By real-life BRONZE, Athens, Alabama
real-life BRONZE, Athens, Alabama
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I was in the 4th grade when my mom first took me to angermanagement classes. She said that me and cussing people out go hand and hand.Anyway the first time I walked into Mrs.P's room(short for Pepper) I was nervous as heck(can't say the real word).There were only five people in the class not including Mrs.P and a camera that looked like it was video tapping something .Mrs.P welcomed me into class and introduced me to everyone ,then started back with the lesson.At the class I met Rachael, Nikki, Dion, Alex, and Michael who all became my friends very fast.
The first few weeks went by pretty fast.We talked about cussing and how cuss words aren't the only way to talk to someone when your mad and how to control your anger.I got used to the camera after a while, Mrs.P said that it was for when we want to look back on the past we could remember what we was like in the beginning ...kind of like a progress report only tapped and not put on paper.I was soon to find out that Mrs.P taught other students before me.There names was Jewels(J or J.W. for short) , B.S. , Luke ,Scott , Ruki , and Joshwa.
They became my friends also.All of us were close like a family.I guess thats because we all had something in common with each other.But the one thing that we shared was that we all had family issues.
I found out why they needed angermanegment, it was mostly insecure or family issues or both.As a result they would always get in trouble at school and act out in front of people.Raechal's the kind of girl who just don't care and don't take shit from nobody.Nikki and Alex are tomboys who only get in fights when somone talks about them that they dont like.Dion and Michael both like to flirt and are usually the ones joking and flirting.

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