Laughing with the Gods

March 2, 2010
Everything looked different to Ambrosia. She looked out onto the on going war.
Fire. Blood. Death. They hung everywhere. She could smell it.
Even on top of the mountain she felt fear.
Sweat dripped down her wrinkled face.
As she watched closely she saw a Astarot look up. Ambrosia turned ridged.
He scanned the mountain top until his eyes focused and locked with hers. He crouched down. His teeth gleaming.
Her heart pounded.
She closed her eyes and said a silent prayer.
She slowly opened her eyes.
He was sitting on a large rock wiping the blood off his Khrysaor he looked up at her and smiled, something gleamed in his eyes as he pulled back ready for the kill.

Ambrosia woke with a start.

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