Love and Morals

March 1, 2010
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Chapter 1

Who I am and who I’m not…

I am Revenge.
My animalistic nature shows my true colors, because when it comes down to it I am purely an animal.
If I’m an animal then I’m sure that you are wondering what I am. I am a vampire. Not one of the friendly vampires that you have read about that falls in love with pathetic humans. No, I am a cold blooded killer. I feel no pity for my prey, and I do what I can to make their death as painful as I can make it. I adore watching the fear flood into their eyes as they realize what I am and that I’m not going to spare their pathetic excuse of a life.
Don’t judge me. I know that I sound cruel, I am, but I have my reasons.
Vampires aren’t made as they are in pathetic fairy tales. No we are born as normal children to normal families, but as we grow up we gradually start to change. At the young age of three months we develop our fangs, which I will describe later. By five we feed on blood mainly, at seven out appearances start to change to that of a vampire. Once we are 16 we are a full grown vampire. There are vampires out there who search for baby vampires, in hope to save them from being abused and killed. Unfortunately, they don’t always find us. Some are beaten and subjected to torture. I am one of those, and that is probably why I am so cold towards humans. My mother died giving birth to me. Out of anger, my father hated me from the beginning. When I started to change, things only got worse. He got rid of me, or tried to at least. He tried to drown me in a river, when that didn’t work he left me in the middle of the interstate in the middle of the night, soaking wet, and only 1 month old. My uncle found me and took me home to my father, who was furious that I was still alive. When I was old enough to feed off human blood alone, one night I was so mad at him for hating me that I killed him. I dug my sharp fangs into his neck and drained him of every drop of blood in his veins.

Then I was shipped off to an orphanage. When I started to change one of the people in charge recognized what I was and handed me over to vampires to be raised. With vampires I was loved and nurtured, but it was too late to repair the damage that had been done.

I said I’d explain true vampires appearances, well we aren’t pale. Our skin is usually different shades of grey. Our fangs are on the top and bottom, and most of us prefer to use our bottom fangs when feeding. Some of us have wings and can fly. Our skin is rock hard and virtually indestructible, the only thing that can break through it is our teeth and claws. Our ears are pointed much like that of “elves” which are indeed mythical creatures. We also have other special traits. My eyes are bright red and have a slit for the pupil. My hair is silver slowly morphing into black at the ends, my wings are the same. We all have claws as sharp as our fangs. As for special traits, I hit the genetic jackpot. I can read and control minds of others, change my appearance, and live without breathing.

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Tracy W. said...
Mar. 23, 2010 at 9:49 pm
are you gonna write a 2nd chapter???
Wasda said...
Mar. 13, 2010 at 6:32 pm
very good work. i liked the story a lot and cant wait for the next chapter.
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