Chapter 1: Withering

February 9, 2010
By , dfdfds, AK
I was flabbergasted as I approached the gates of my new high school, Bradshaw Heights. This was time for a new beginning, a time to start over. Maybe I would even get a chance to “find myself.”
At my other school I had everyone wrapped around my finger, everyone knew me, but I knew no of them would even miss me, not after last year, not after what I caused. I stood there staring at my new dormitory, as I slowly began to climb the steps, it was so big, and I felt so small, and for the second time in my life I was scared, but I would not let it show, I couldn’t.
What am I doing here?
When I enter my room there was a grim, dusty smell. I looked around, and noticed two small beds, two night stands, with a small lamp on each, and a normal sized bathroom.
Okay, besides that smell, not bad. Just then I received a text message.
Hey. I miss u. xoxo – Matt I ignored the message. I knew he didn’t really care.
I heard a slight knock on the wall, and when I turned around I saw a small, but well built girl. She walked into the room. Her hair was golden and she wore way too much makeup. She was wearing a mini skirt and a tang top with clearly showed way too much. She then flashed me a very confused look.
“Oh a roommate, joy. I was supposed to have a single. What are you, a freshman?” she said with a sarcastic and annoyed voice.
“Hello to you too, and no I’m a junior. I’m Sadie and you are…?” I replied
“Catherine… Well let me tell you the golden rule, don’t disarray with me, mess with me and your life will be a nightmare.”
“Okay? Well you can pick which bed you want, and I’ll see you later.” I dropped off my stuff and rushed back down stairs.
As I walked around campus, so many thoughts flowed through my head. Who does Catherine think she is? What am I doing here? Then thoughts of hunger overcame me as my stomach growled. I couldn’t wait for dinner.
As I walked over to cafeteria, I noticed a small group of girls walking across the courtyard. It was like every teen movie. They were all giggling and everyone seemed to know who they were. One of them stole a glance at me, and I could feel my face redden.
Why am I so nervous?
I continued to walk to the cafe and grabbed my dinner. After I received my meal, I went to look for a place to sit. This was new to me as well. I ended up sitting at a small round table in far right corner, alone.
Soon I was accompanied by three girls. They were chatting away about something, as they sat around me. Then almost instantaneously they all looked at me. I was confused.
“Hey. My name’s Carmen and this is Stacey and Matty. You’re new here, right? ”
“Yes and are you like the welcoming committee” I snapped. I bit harsh I knew, they were only trying to be nice, and I felt guilty the minute her faced blushed.
“I’m sorry, I realized you were new and when I saw you sitting…” Carmen began to say.
“No, sorry, it’s okay really.” I said and then I wondered. “How well do you know the people here?”
Her and her friend looked at each other and laughed. Had I said something wrong? She began to speak again.
“Well I write for the school newspaper, so yeah I would say I know a lot about this place. Why?”
I knew that I was going to need her. If I was going to make it through my first few days at Bradshaw, I was going to need to find out as much as I could.
“So what is up with a girl named Catherine, she has golden hair, lots of makeup…”
“Ahh… Catherine Breed. She is… she is unique. Her parents are both from Bradshaw; she is dating one of the most popular guys here, makes decent grades, and thinks the world revolves around her.”
“But even Catherine can’t manage to get herself in to Withering.” Matty snickered.
What was Withering? I must have looked more confused then I felt because Matty continued…
“Withering is a sorority on campus. It is very exclusive, and you can only get in with an invite.”
“You must be smart, athletic, and appeal to Sophie,” Stacey added with a sarcastic tone.
I looked over across the café and saw the same small group of girls, whom I had seen in the court yard, walk out. That had to be the Withering girls. So, I thanked Catherine, Matty, and Stacey, said bye, and ran to find the Withering girls. I had to make an impression on Sophie.

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