February 9, 2010
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Every day for the past nine years I've sat staring out the prison's barred windows wishing these chains, these walls would crumble before me letting me be free, but for nine years no such thing has happened. I stay in my head most of the day, in there no one can stop me. I'm free to do what i want, when I want. I can fly above the highest cloud, run in the beautifulest meadows, swim in the deepest oceans. But in there, there is no one to love, no one to care for. I'm lost and alone in my own prison and theres no way to excape, I'm Imprisoned.

Three thousand two hundred and eighty five days I've been here, today is October twenty first, the ninth anniversary of when I got here. It seems decades ago, the last night of my life. I remember every second of it, my wife Chloe and I has just gotten home from a night on the town. We were both drunk as hell I couldn't even take my shoes off without falling over. Chloe told me she was gonna take a bath before we messed around, I grinned and sat on the couch turning the TV on to see the news, same old thing just someone doing something stupid for attention.

I was dozing sleepily, I could here Chloe's bath water running steadily as I left consciousness. A scene took form, Chloe was watching me jog from the porch, her eyes felt warming, she smiled and the scene faded. I awoke still tired, yawning I glanced at my watch. I had only been out for about half an hour, the news was still on same damn story though, I turned the TV off and layed my head on the couch. Suddenly I realized Chloe's bath was still running, I raised my head at the direction of the bathroom, the door was shut. I sat up stretching and walked over to the bathroom door, a pool of water was streaming from underneath the door. I opened the bathroom door, and there she was lying there on the floor with a blank stare, a large kitchen knife plunged deep into her chest, a jerk in my stomache made me fall to my knees.

My head was spinning, I didnt know what to do, I couldnt even cry. I just couldn't comprehend with what I saw. I stubled over to her pulling the blood soaken knife from her chest tossing it across the room. Bloody water surrounded me as I lifted her head ckecking for a pulse, there was nothing, she was gone. I layed next to her screaming for what felt like hours. Eventually one of the neighbors called the police. I heard the sirens getting closer and closer, all i wanted to do was hold sweet Chloe in my arms one last time.

The judge sentenced life in prison for something i didn't do, it doesn't matter, my love, my Chloe, she will be waiting for me.

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