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February 12, 2010
By B.r.grater PLATINUM, LaPorte, Indiana
B.r.grater PLATINUM, LaPorte, Indiana
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Of all the scenes and silver greens Wait above for sky to fall Purge is far and Tables drawn Make it last Or make it Last i hope it Works maybe not Sweet pumpkins fall yet Someone's drawl In texas Does she fall Feel the hurt inside Make it go away Do you See now the Witch is dead Let's hope She paid her yearly rent Make it stop and Make it scream Help me now or face the Dead make it right Because of Hate makes it Happen do we understand that Martians are Real or maybe Not me I said No No No We may think of Emo as a person Make it real Make it work but what about Bumblebees and Sunflower Trees hang off of the horizon Make life make Da Vinci Make screams make war Love maybe not my Maker Hat fell off the drawer Spiders fall Our own little house Make it stop See the scratchy Pain Paint peeling off the walls Spiders draw near Make it stop make it happen Word of hope Make the happy people Work for Thief and Steal steel make it right Hope that mommy says Goodnight terrors make you Sad or maybe make your Daddy glad Hope one day to Wallow in a pit Make the rug scream Rock the rising sun Make the son make Haven for the little ones Make ugly birds sing in the daylight make life happen Make love die Fall off a cliff Make death make Dead sing a song Lalala Oh shush little baby don't Say a word Mamma's gonna buy you a rockin bird If that rocking bird dont sing Mamma's gonna find you a wedding ring Pried of the dead Fingers clasp around Shiny glass Hope to see Daybreak comes and goes Make darkness Make light Daddy love the sky And hate the girl Go away in the dark Make the scary ones Come today Oh make the teddy bear Whisper sweet stings Take you away in the darkness Spring up in a trap Make you dreams go splicketysplat Goes the cat Make life Bring dead fingers down the drain Bring darkness where the heat inflame make love make Hate is the answer make Life go away Make death come to stay come Say where you are Make the kitty kat come far Make the dog on a spike and a Nail through the pike And Thieves come from the Jail the stupid Dog lock it Up make it Die obsession Through the thoughts pretty Girl Pretty wonder flower Pink and green and silver and gold God is not really there Is Lucifer no Does the angel sing Doe run away the Fink will finish the deed Do you love me no Daddy you Hate me Mom will die to see your Pain the Rinds orange and red with purple Heads will stupid hat Get stuck to the dead make you Whine and whisper hate hate hate hate athe hat ha ha ha see the paint feeling off the walls Make you feeling oh so tall make The day scrape off the night Moon cry shiny tears and why are you frightened Plant a seed make it Grow See it grumble from the Knell of death Plague is Orphanancy can't you see you Made it cry make Babies cry and Monsters weep See Elvis sing are Martians real yes Maybe not Make the pain and Play the game Biker dame and Shallow fame the Bricks are lain and Staples slain Satan come and Still he goes eh Come back here Hooligans hope for Drifting dirty drains to Drink from the sink may your Dad come around with a Belt I will hit you he says I hate you and A monster killed him Hopefully you got your fill Blood wells up around dirty tears Make the life come out Monster fangs and memory Skags make the like of Killing things Go away for all of Our sakes Make it fall Make it tall Will it die please please please make it stop Must we keep talking Chitter chatter Make it stop die stupid chatter make it Go away dude seriously Typing in the dark Where the idiots in the trailor park make their mark Try to burn us down make us hate ourselves Make you die Kill you Hope that grandmas hart make it through Don't let it become true On the floor everyone's dead Why does it happen to the little girls and boys Why must they tame us Make us take advantage Make them die inside Must they start so young perverts Must we watch This happens in movies Do we hate you I forgot do we do we do we Do we Do We DO We DO WE DOWE? i forget... past is past Darn christians and their so called god will they die in the new Apocolypse will make them die yes so we can make them SUFFER darn revenge yes it tastes yummy By firelight we can make it stop yes Darn Revenge is for the shallow Murder for the weak Torture for the stupid Patience for the meek Shallow Weak Stupid Stop me from making mistakes yet help me make them Torture the liars People HYPOCRITES I HATE YOU ALL YOU DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!!!!! I believe you will and you will drown in hell if you believe in that stuff Whoa its fake or Face value makes you Wonder wonder wonder make it stop make it stop dont listen to me stop stop stop stop i hate you smile Make it all better just Smile and life will go back to the way it was NEVER TRUST ANYONE theywill betray you always Never every ever Every day we must make choices must we all die YES is that Hey boy answer me Will we all die in the Apocolypse? Yes he says must we Yes yes yes he said must we yes all die bury the dead in the dead and the dead bury us in the living with dirty dead shovels with our fathers watching paid them to told them to slave dead dead slaves yes they own them because they are hateful and they want us dead make us GO AWAY GO AWWAY let me die just die before you kill me PLEASE

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