Sorrow Land

February 17, 2010
By xXx-Ruby-xXx SILVER, Houston, Texas
xXx-Ruby-xXx SILVER, Houston, Texas
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I had a very unusual day today. I went to the store with moth and left to go to a park with her. Then I noticed I left my stuffed bunny Mimi at the store so we went back. Luckly, one of the store employees saw me leave it behind so she knew it was mine and returned it when mother and I came back..
I tied my hair back and laid down on my bed.
"What a long day. It didn't fly by like the usual days. Don't you think, Dinah?" I said to her as she laid down on my belly and I petted her.
Dinah is my cat. I named her that because my name is Alice. Like Alice in Wonderland. And within the adventure I had today, there can be a book about me called "The Adventures of Alice in Crazy City>" I chuckled at the thought of that. I slowly fell asleep and noticed Dinah jumped off my belly.
Later on that night I heard some strange noises...
My eyes shot open and I ran to the living room, holding Mimi in my arms. I saw smoke coming from somewhere. I followed the smoke. My eyes widened when I saw the smoke coming from my parent's room
"Mother! Father!" I yelled while attempting to open their door knob. But instead of succeeding in opening their door, I yelled in pain and pulled my hand away because the door knob was hot.
"Alice! Get out of the house now!" My mom shouted followed by coughs.
"Mother! Father! What's happening?"
"Just go Alice!" My dad yelled back.
I ran out of the house as fast as I could and Dinah followed me. Two minutes later I saw the flames consuming the house and heard screams of pain and agony.
My eyes shot open quickly and I started panting. I got out of bed slowly.
"Hmm... It was all a dream of my past.." I thought to myself as I looked around, remembering where I'm at now. An insane asylum. According to the people here, being without my parents for so long and watching my house burn down with them made me go crazy.
I hugged Mimi tightly. Mimi has been the only one there for me since the fire. Dinah died a couple of years ago. I hope that I soon get out of this damn asylum. I stared at the hand written book that's on the nightstand near my bed. I grabbed it and looked at the title.
"Alice's Dreadful Adventure in Sorrow Land"

The author's comments:
I kinda based this on the beginning to the game American McGee's Alice. So that is where it came from.

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