Card King

February 17, 2010
By Anonymous

Play with his cards. That’s all he did. Day, night, dusk, dawn, all that man did was play with his cards. I walked by the man one day and asked “What are you doing exactly, I walk be here every day, what could keep a man occupied for so long?” The man simply looked at me. He began to raise his hand containing the cards, with a look on his face that told me he played with cards all his life. “Why?” I asked kind of jokingly, but also curiously. “Well”, the man had a deep, resolute voice as if he had been on this earth for ages “I just picked up a deck of cards one day and I loved them”. “That’s all fine and good, but what do you eat, what do you drink?” I asked. “I eat regularly just like you do” he replied. “When was the last time you ate?” I asked. “You, know all this questioning is starting to get on my nerves boy”. “I understand. But please if you answer my question I promise I won’t ask any more”. “Ok, but no more questions, the last time I ate was yesterday.”. I looked at my watch. “It’s six o’clock are you sure you don’t want to eat anything”. “Oh” he replied “it’s six, I believe I’ll eat something, I will be right back.” He picked up his cards and walked towards a Wendy’s about 20 yards away. I was watching the man walk away, and he dropped a card. Of course, I was so curious I just had to pick up the card. When I picked it up I realized that there was something strange about it. Everything was normal about this queen of spades, except for the fact that it had the face of a real, honest to goodness human girl. I glanced away from the card for just a second and looked across the street. There I saw a woman eating at the bistro that had the same face as that on the card. Wow, does the back of the card look different than a normal card too. Maybe it matches the back of that girls head I thought to myself. I quickly turned the card around. There was nothing odd about the back of the card. I looked back at the girl across the street at the bistro; the odd thing was she was facing the other way. Without looking down at the card I turned it around keeping my gaze upon the woman. As I turned the card the woman would turn as well. “I’m back” the man said. I was startled, I turned around and hid the card behind my back. “Just one last question” I said. “I thought you said there would be no more questions” the man interrupted, I could tell from his tone he was starting to get very angry. “Please just answer this, what is your name?”. “If I tell you I’m gonna have to kill you” he replied. “Please just answer it”. “Ok” he replied. “My name is”, he began to lift his left hand which did not contain cards. The people began to vanish, the concrete buildings and paved roads turned into the fiery pit called Hell. I was on a mountain with the man and was amazed at how he could turn everything to hell so quickly. “My name is the Card King and your days” at this point he waved his hand in the air and plucked out one card, which had my face on it. “Your days are done!” When he told me my days were done his voice turned demonic. He was still in his demonic voice and he began to laugh. I could do nothing but scream in agony as he took the card with my face and slowly, agonizingly, ripped it in half. I stayed alive just long enough to watch him through the two halves into the lake of fire underneath us. All I wanted was to know what he did with the cards, now, sadly, I know the answer.

The author's comments:
First thing I ever wrote for the website, just trying it out. Hope, you like it.

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