Game Over

February 16, 2010
By sadButtrying956 BRONZE, Weslaco, Texas
sadButtrying956 BRONZE, Weslaco, Texas
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"I CAN DO DAT" lil flip

you know when you think your loseing it like there noting to live for are seeing things that are not even there when you know when your head is just playing with you. i loved this one girl named Kesha we had a relationsip that no one what it us to be together but who cares we both like the same thing's even had the same friend's and school her health was it really the best she would smoke and do drugs i mean i do try to stop her don't get me wrong when she with me but when she at home will i can't stop her. one day i think it was friday yea it was i drop her off at home so she can get ready for the movies that we were going to i left home to get ready i had a miss call it was Kesha i called back she didn’t answer so i drop by to pick her up the door was open it's never is i go in to Kesha room there she was on the floor not moveing i try to get her up Kesha Kesha but she dont answer me her heart i can’t feel it so i call the cop's i found a note it said am sorry Jason for doimg this my mom and dad pop all types of drugs my mom hates you baby my dad was going to kill you when you came for me they told me if i didnt leave you they would of killed all your family i said no i won’t that they would have to kill me to leave you baby so they did am sorry i love you i alwas will don’t you forget that i will miss you i love you bye......... that what the note said on the floor her mom and dad were no were to be found i was to late to help her i never cry but today i was. a day passed i had to go to schooli was walking down the hall to my class and there she was Kesha i ran over to see if it was really her it was it just a wall i miss her my head is just playing with me my friends saw me and ask what wrong i said noting why you don’t look good oh and i said sorry i have to go so i went to see if Kesha left me something in her room. it look's just as she left it i should know i was in it befor her mom got home i sit down on her bed i miss her then idk why i see her am i going crazy or i really miss her alot i don;t knowi can't be here no more i have noting to live for i'll die all by my self. i hear a door open it was her dad i went at him not careing if he had a gun i jusrt didn't care no more i what it to be with my baby Kesha but no her dad didn't have if her mom did boom

boom that all it takes i was on the floor i could see Kesha a past out i just see Kesha holding my hand not letting go ever i never wanna leave you Kesha all she said you won’t baby n

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something like this hapen to me

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