Gone Mudding

February 16, 2010
By alman308 BRONZE, Macon, Illinois
alman308 BRONZE, Macon, Illinois
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Once upon a time there was a younger man about sixteen or seventeen whose name was Jeffy Fitzgerald. Well ever since he was very young he loved any kind of truck. Small trucks, big trucks, toy trucks and any other kind of truck. But most of all he loved monster trucks. But the only problem is that he was never taught how to drive and he was too scared to try himself and plus his dad wouldn’t let him drive the monster truck that he wanted to dive.
Well one really warm summer night in Colorado, it had just rained the previous night so it was kind of muggy. His window was on the first floor so he opened his window and pulled out his screen and jumped down, it was only like four or five feet and it was really dark and late, about midnight or a little after. He made his way to their road so he started walking up the long deserted road. He just kept walking until he saw a sign that, said you are now entering Kansas, so he knew that he was on the outskirts of town. He looked at his watch, it said seven thirty the next day. He saw a sign a little ways back that said circus, so that’s where he was headed. As he was walking up the highway, he found a ten dollar bill and went to the Casey’s General Store and got something to eat and something to drink. As he was walking, he saw a big red tent in the distance, about one or two miles away, and he finally got there at twelve o’clock. So he made it there and there was a bearded lady that helped him get met up with the ring leader. As Jeffy was walking with the bearded lady, he saw elephants and midgets, lions and tigers, and clowns and trapeze artists so he was so excited he finally made it to the big red tent where the ring leader lived. He was a very tall old man who wore all red clothes and a big red cape and he was holding a black cane with a gold ball on the top. Jeffy asked if he had any work and the ring leader said actually do we need a monster truck driver and jeffy said yes. So meantime, back in Colorado, the news came on and Jeffys dad saw his son as the new monster truck driver. He got up and left the house and got in his truck to the carnival. He got there at about nine in the morning and looked all over for Jeffy. Well, he finally found him in the truck. He tried to get to him in time, but he’s too late, jeffy took the wheel and flipped it. His dad jumped over the gate to get to him pulled him out of the truck, and they left. He had a few bumps and bruises but jeffy ended up being ok. The ambulance checked him out, and then they left, but now the circus had no monster truck driver again.

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