His Last Dance

February 16, 2010
By JiNXx BRONZE, Bfn, Illinois
JiNXx BRONZE, Bfn, Illinois
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Once Upon A Time, there was a very handsome man named Phoenix. He was tall, pale-skinned, ice-blue eyes, pitch black hair, and a cute crooked smile. He was a very cocky and mean man. He always thought that he was better than everyone else and would degrade women. He loved to go clubbing. Mainly, because he could meet women there and impress them with dancing. He never once got rejected.

Well suddenly, one night Phoenix was out clubbing and saw a very pretty woman. She had bleach blonde hair with purple streaks in her bangs and emerald-green eyes. She was medium height and had an amazing purple dress on. It wasn’t a loose flowing dress, it was more frame fitting. It wasn’t too short or too long. It stopped barely before it touched her knees. Her shoes were simple black heels, only going one inch in height. Phoenix was so transfixed by her that he did not even notice the waiter he smacked into. He went up to the pretty woman, didn’t bother to ask her name, but simply kept trying to touch her arm and get her to dance. She kept pulling away and telling him to leave her alone, but he just kept on harassing her.

Luckily for the pretty woman they were under a disco ball that swung back and forth very slowly and lazily. “The disco ball is just hanging by a thread.” The woman said pointing at the disco ball with a look of worry on her face. “We should go dance away from it then.” Phoenix pressed again. He tried to lead her to the dance floor again but she pulled away, “I don’t know who you are and I don’t want to dance with you. You are a very rude man. By what I see, you discriminate women and you are mean to anyone who steps in your way, even if it is an accident. You are mean and I don’t like you.”

Phoenix’s face flashed such a strange shade of red from all his anger. Right as he went to reach out and grab the woman, she moved away from his reach and the disco ball suddenly broke off the hinges and fell right on Phoenix’s head. The woman jumped back and screamed at the sight that lay in front of her. Everyone at the club turned at the sound and was staring at the spot where Phoenix lay under the disco ball. Phoenix was unconscious and was rushed to the hospital where he had to stay for two months. He suffered a concussion that would never go away. He forgot everything about himself. Every woman harassed by him cheered and danced and lived Happily Ever After.
The end

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