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February 16, 2010
By Chino_15 SILVER, Vista, California
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"You’re the driver?" Jocelyn asked the tall guy who was leaning on the
side of the silver car. "I'm by the car aren't I? It would make sense
then that I'm the driver" he replied oblivious to her question. "Well
you don't look like one" she shot back. "I don't have to, all I gotta
do is drive, isn't that the job of a driver?" she bit her lip eyeing
him up and down once. "What’s your name tall dude?" "Jason" he replied
in a flat tone. Jason she said mentally repeating it. "How old are
you?" she asked trying to act indifferent towards him. "Does that
really matter?" he replied in a rude tone. Jocelyn was slightly taken
aback by the rudeness in the guy’s voice but continued her questioning.
"Where you from?" "Geez are you always this curious with every new
person your dad gets to work for your family?"
"No just the hot ones like you" she said with a cocky attitude.
Jason turned his back to her, starring out the driveway. "What are you
in middle school?" he asked not turning around. "Don’t let the height
fool you, I'm actually a senior in high school". "How old are you?" he asked slightly surprised. She hesitated in answering him, wondering if he had suddenly taken an interest in her. "17 but I turn eighteen in a month". "Cool" he said again in his flat voice. "what about you." she stared at him while he
made up his mind to answer her but then the door of the house opened
and out came Jocelyn’s little 9 year old brother Tyler. "What took you
so long?" Jocelyn yelled; but for once she was
secretly glad that Tyler had taken his time to get ready. "Hurry up
and get in the car" she said as she walked to the car herself. She
walked to the back of the car wanting to ride with
Jason upfront but since her little brother was there, she didn't want
to give him a reason to shoot off his big mouth and embarrass her
in front of him. They both got into their seats while Jason turned on
the engine. As soon as Tyler had buckled his seat-belt he began
talking. "Are you the new driver person?" he asked in a voice that was much
too loud for the morning. Jason looked at him from the rear view mirror
and replied in a softer tone "yeah". "You don't look like one" he
replied in his loud voice. "Tyler shut up!" Jocelyn whispered. Tyler,
completely ignoring her, continued. "All of the drivers we've gotten
are all old fat creepers but you don't look like one." "Ty!" Jocelyn
said smacking her brother in the arm. Jason chuckled to himself “well
I guess that's a good thing." "I'm Tyler but you can call me Ty"
"that's cool, nice to meet you Ty, I'm Jason." he eyed Jocelyn from the
mirror. She looked out the window, her cheeks turning pink. For the
next fifteen minutes Tyler talked mindlessly to Jocelyn about his
soccer game and other school stuff of which Jocelyn was not paying
attention. She would throw in the occasional huh and oh that's cool,
but the whole time she was staring at the back of Jason’s head. As
soon as Jason dropped of Tyler at school, he asked Jocelyn for
directions to her school. "Before we go I got to get some coffee." she
said. "Coffee?" he said questioning her. "Yeah, what, you think I'm too
young for that too?" "I never said anything" he said. "That’s right
sexy driver" she said in a low voice, smirking to herself. "What was
that?" Jason said starring at her from the mirror. “Nothing now gets
your eyes on the road before we crash." Jason turned back to the road
without saying anything. A few minutes later he pulled into the
parking lot of a starbucks. Jocelyn hopped out of the car and closed
the door behind her. She quickly walked over to the drivers’ window and
tapped lightly on it. "What?" Jason asked, rolling down the window.
"You want anything?" she asked shyly. "Oh, no thanks" he said rolling
the window back up. "Ok" she said embarrassed at herself for offering
the driver something to drink. Why are you all over him Jocelyn? She
asked herself. He is so rude and you barely know him and plus he is a
driver. Stupid she muttered as she walked into the crowed
shop. What is up with that chick? Jason thought back inside the car. He shook his head and leaned back in his seat and sighed. New job, new place, new Ely he thought with his eyes closed and his hands behind his head. Its Jason a voice inside his head corrected. Right he thought back. Jason.

A few minutes later Jocelyn walked out with a Styrofoam cup and a small pastry. She walked back to the car quickly knowing that she had taken a long time getting her coffee and food. Fatty next time just go to school! She muttered to herself. She reached the car and opened the door to the
the front passenger seat and hopped in. Jason quickly opened his eyes
and leaned forward in his seat. "Back so soon?" He said turning on the
engine. "Duh" she replied as she closed the door. "Wait what are you
doing?" he asked, noticing for the first time where she was. "I wanna
listen to the radio" she said innocently. He starred at her for a
second annoyed, "fine" he said letting out a sigh, "just don't
distract me while I drive" he said as he backed out of the parking
lot. "Ok." Jocelyn Said with a smile. She turned on the radio and
started flipping through the channels. Hope this chick doesn't listen
to Brittney spears or something, Jason thought. Jocelyn flipped through
the channels for a couple of minutes until she heard a song that she
liked. Turns out it was Spanish music. "You listen to Spanish music?"
Jason asked. "Yeah why?" "Aren’t you White?" he asked curious. "No I’m
Puerto Rican." she replied. Jason turned too looked at Jocelyn for a
brief second then turned back to the road. He mentally pictured her
curly chocolate brown her and her pink cheeks. "Oh" he replied. She
smiled knowing he had looked at her. Oh yeah this dude is totally into
me, she thought. The rest of the way to school Jocelyn hummed to the
song while Jason listened. He'd never really heard Spanish music but
he liked the way the guitar harmonized with the male voice of the
singer and the melody the tune carried. He found himself tapping his
thumbs on the steering wheel. "What’s this music called?" he asked.
"Bachata, why?" Jocelyn responded. "Oh, it just sounds cool that's
why." "What’s the singer's name?" "It’s a band and they're called
Aventura". Aventura he repeated with a strong American accent. "What
does that mean?" he asked "it means adventure." Jocelyn said with a
smile. He returned a small smile and turned back to his thoughts. He
liked the way Jocelyn said Aventura in Spanish, it made her sound
exotic. To bad I took ASL in high school, he thought. A few minutes
later he pulled into Jocelyn’s high school, the ravens high. "Alright,
well thanks for the ride" Jocelyn said before she opened the door.
Jason nodded and stared at the teens crossing the streets. "Ok, well,
bye." Jocelyn said awkwardly. Jason nodded again and Jocelyn got out of
the car. She closed the door and walked away quickly. Your so stupid,
bye! what the hell was that? She mumbled to herself as she walked to
her first period. As she turned a corner she was suddenly attacked by
a crazy chick with dirty blond hair. "HEY!" "Ah! O my f-ing goodness
Chelsea! You nearly made me crap in my pants and spill my coffee!"
"sorry it's just that it's been a long weekend and so much happened
and I can't wait to tell you!" Chelsea said over-enthusiastic. "That’s
great now MOVE and tell me during class 'cause were going to be late
already." "Ok let's go!" she said taking Jocelyn by the arm and
dragging her to first

The author's comments:
the first chapter of my book. the title is still undecided.

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