That girl

February 15, 2010
That girl left me speechless, though I’m not quite sure why.
Her words were nothing special, yet something so small meant so much.
No, she wasn’t sarcastic, rude or mean, but so sincere that it shocked me.
Two words, “You’re beautiful,” she said with such admiration, as if she believed she was nothing of the sort.
She wasn’t ugly, she was quite pretty, adorable, yet she thought so much less of herself. Why she thought like this was beyond me, but I guess that’s not for me to judge.
That girl had had a crush my boyfriend, but I didn’t care. Hell, I wished her luck.

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FoxFace said...
Mar. 2, 2011 at 7:38 pm
Nice! I live in tucson, to! love the article.
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