Mark and Rosa (Part 2)

February 5, 2010
“Shhh…..hey, don’t cry. Please…..don’t cry, ok? Well, you already know my name somehow. I’m Mark and your name is?”

As he was trying to calm her down, he heard his foster parents coming. He knew they would blame him for her injures and they would call the cops on him. Good old foster parents! Always ready to snitch on their own step-kids like they were trash. That’s usually the case in some homes in America sadly but there are still some who take. So, what should Mark do? Stay and get arrested for something he didn’t even do. Or run like a psycho with the girl he just met into the country-side on foot. Don’t even give it a second thought because it seems that the answer is surely clear to you guys.

Run like a psycho with the girl he just met into the country-side on foot is the correct answer! And if you picked the “stay and get arrested” then, I will just say “Are you crazy!? I’m not going to stay in jail for like about 10-20 years for something I didn’t do!” So, think twice about the answer if you were wrong because I think you been drinking too much lately. Or maybe you just thought it was a good idea since she needs help. Ok, Ok, let’s just stop this sidebar before we get off topic now. Shall we continue or are you already bored and want to watch MTV or just hang out with friends? Either way, I don’t really care so, let’s continue on with this story!

Mark was holding this strange girl closed to his chest while he listened closely to the footsteps coming. Before the footsteps even came close to the barn, Mark quickly pick up the girl off her feet and ran off passed the animals, into the sleeping country-side. Running clueless into the night, Mark never once looked back at the barn where he started his new life with his foster parents. He just hold the girl tightly in his arms while running feet after feet, miles after miles, as far as his legs could take him and the girl. As he run, he could hear her moaning and reaching for his neck slowly.

“Please, stop that. I barely know you and I’m trying to help you. Please, I don’t want to hurt you. Ok, ma’am?”

“I-it’s…..R-Rosa really…..and I-I’m just thirsty. I’m sorry.”

“What are you talking about? You didn’t do anything wro-“

Before he could even finish, she bite his neck deep while he yelled out in pain. Forcing to stop, he fell into some trees and leaned against one with his mouth and his eyes open wide. He gasp for some air while all he could see was her hair and saw high up above, the moon or in other words, the man in white shining his soul bright while he watch Mark and this girl against the tree. Soon the gasp for air became a soft moan and his eyes were slowly narrowing as he looks at the moon. He gave out a soft laughed, shocking the girl while she buried her face on his hot tan neck.

Before she could even finish, Mark pulled her off of him and grabbed her chin softly, pulling her closer to his face. She could tell that his eyes were saying “Help me. What are you? How did you know my name? I can’t help myself.” His eyes were lost in his thoughts and his feelings in his heart. Pulling her chin closer, he locked lips with her, soft at first then, started kissing deeper without meaning to. He lick his lips slowly, cleaning the blood from the girl. Her eyes were staring at him, looking as if she never had those burn marks he had seen before.

He gave her a faint smile before passing out in her arms from the lost of blood through the small wounds in his neck. All he could hear was her sweet voice telling me to wake up. But the more he heard her voice the more he wanted to slip away and let the darkness swallow him whole. Her voice was sweet in the pitch black darkness behind his eyelids. All he could feel was her soft warm arms and his small smile still on his lips.

“Mark…..wake up, Mark! Mark, you better get yourself out of bed before I get the damn belt again!”

With a sudden shock, he woke up back in his old black colored room, looking at the door confused. All around him were his posters of rock bands like Disturbed and Metallica. The walls were painted with black paint along with some spray can designs all around. His clothes covered one area in the corner nearby the window, creating a mountain of clothes that should be washed. Chains were hanging down from the ceiling, books filled under his bed; some are about vampires while some were about XXX things.
# Don’t ask what XXX means because you really don’t want to know! #

Back to the story, Mark awoke in his room alone on his bed without the strange Rosa in her bloody shirt. His room was a complete disaster; basically it looked like all the natural disasters were in his room at the same time. He still wore the same long and big black pants, his necklace around his neck which gave him a huge relief. His hat was on his dresser by the door along with his CDs and XXX books all around. All he had left was his memory and the bite marks that remind him about Rosa.

He looked at his weird looking cheap alarm clock that he was forced to buy by his foster mother “Cindy”. Damn it! Its 12 noon and I’m late for work! With a quick jump, Mark searched for his usual work uniform like the old hand-down T-shirts and old-looking jeans that never really fit his “image”. While struggling to put on his jacket, he had forgotten about his skateboard in the middle of the room. With one step, he slipped and flipped over, hitting the floor busting his ass hard. Just great…….Today is just not my day. Wonder where that girl Rosa is.

With an instant, he places his hand on his bite marks, looking up at the ceiling deep in thought. His lips shiver slightly when Mark remembered the way her lips felt against his own. Mark’s cheeks were faintly red as he struggled to get himself up still thinking to himself. Mark shook the pain away and ran to brush his teeth while trying to find the brush for his hair. Everything was a mess but he somehow mange to find everything he wanted to find in his room and his bathroom.

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