A Night in Hollywood

January 31, 2010
“Oh my gosh!!” I gasped as I surprisingly and shockingly received my luminous, striking, breathtaking diamond earrings from my thoughtful dad. It was my thirteenth birthday and all I was thinking before that event was when do we get cake? My mom and dad had gotten divorced but were still really great friends so that made my birthday even more special. Another thing was the magnificent room was decorated precisely as I had imagined. Delicious cherry red, decadent black forest cake, and the outer glistening layer of a chocolate kiss were all the colors of the balloons. The mouth-watering 3-layered marble cake looked like a party in itself. It was black and had white polka dots with incredible fondant icing. I could have never expected my brilliant father to gift me with such a magnificent piece of jewelry. My friend’s expressions had just topped the icing on the cake. They were all dazed and taken back by this gift. I heard shouting like, “Let me see!” along with “I can see them shining from here!” My father called out to me as I was surrounded by gazing eyes and said, “I really hope you like them.” I replied as soon as I heard him with, “Like? I love them and I love you dad! Thank you!” I could see my mom’s glowing expression as I had thanked him and told him I loved him. I knew she was happy for me. My dad hugged me with one of his bear hugs and I challenged him back with one, but of course he won but that didn’t matter. In view of the fact that my dad is divorced from my mom and she has remarried I thought to myself as I was giving my dad that bear hug, “Wow. My dad and I have such a good relationship. I’m so lucky to have an awesome family that loves me in my situation.” I had realized I shouldn’t take things for granted like my family situation and how immensely astounding it is because most families with divorced parents don’t usually get along. I will never again forget my star studded night in Hollywood!

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