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February 7, 2010
January 1, 2001

Dear diary it’s me Jenny. Well you obviously know how much I love broad way and today was my first audition, it went sort of like this… “Hi I’m Jenny and I want to be on broad way!” I started singing “I can hear the bells” from HAIRSPRAY. I was doing perfectly I hit every note, I sang the right pitch, and I sang with ALL my heart but then I heard this “you can’t be on broad way without being able to dance.” The director stated. I was crushed! I love to sing, but I can’t dance for my life. I look like a camel trotting across the stage. Now I’m going to have to learn to dance by spring the end of the auditions but that gives me only weeks. I have to find a teacher and fast.

January 5, 2001

Dear diary, I guess I should probably tell you were I am right now. Well right now I’m standing in Hollywood I’m so far away from home-New York- I’m still looking for the best teacher to turn my thumping into a beat and my trotting into a graceful dance. I am looking for the one the only Nicky Foreash. The best choreographer none to man-and camel- she is amazing. Maybe she will be able to cure my ICantDance4MyLife syndrome. I won’t be afraid to dance in front of crowds J J J

January 8, 2001

Dear diary, ME AGAIN! I FOUND HER J She was at the Foreash School of Dance and Music… who would have guessed? She agreed to train me and she thinks that if I work hard I could make the auditions!!!!!!!!!! EEEEKKKKKKK J Well got to start training J

January 15, 2001

Dear diary, I hate training L it’s hard and makes me want to cry. Nicky is such a hard teacher! One minute she has me doing jumping jacks, then push ups, then curl ups, then jumping jacks, push ups, and curl ups! Then she’ll have me leaping until my legs snap! I trained with her for 2 hours and I started to cry, but I promised myself that I was going to be on broad way and I WILL BE ON BROAD WAY! If worst comes to worst I can always just chant I think I can, I think I can! I am so Thomas the tank engine!

January 30, 2001

Dear diary, I’m getting there. The chant works!!! Thomas the tank engine was right I can do it! Nicky said that I have actually become a dancer-not a good one, but a dancer- now all I have to do is become a GOOD dancer and then I have a shot on broad way!

February 17, 2001

It’s time diary. Nicky told me that I am ready to retry out for HAIRSPRAY. That means I can dance! WOOHOO! I am so happy J I could seriously scream! Well I say that until I actually have to try out. Well I have to go on my plane back to New York I’ve already thanked Nicky and Now I have to leap out of the nest- hmm that doesn’t really work with flying does it… O WELL.

February 26, 2001

AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I MADE IT! I’M GOING TO BE ON HAIRSPRAY! Oh my god I am so happy J I’m a dancer and now I’m a dancer on broad way! The producer even recognized me. He told me he loved my enthusiasm and said how much better I did this time. I love Nicky she is a miracle worker! Now I’m off to start on my road to fame J bye Diary

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