The Old Couple Who Turn Young

February 6, 2010
Long ago, on a cold dark veil of the night, there live a couple scared by the claws of time. Deep in the darkness of the forest, an old house suffers the burn and claw marks of time. But, inside the house transform into a castle from the Mid-Evil times, lifeless knights stand guard, not saying a word, or even moving to breathe the smell oh the bright sun burning the wood of the forest. The house glow faintly with the soft bright sun still burning the life out of the breathing wood. Through the portals of the outside world, the man in his full white suit peer his silver light over the wrinkles of the old mother earth, suffering by the hands of time. Side by side the old couple walked into the darkness with the sweet ring of their laughter, above the man in white climbs the great night sky. Together in perfect melody, they sing a chant “The Youth and Beauty of Life”;

“O’ Goddess of Love, see how true we are,

O’ Goddess of Youth, bring us what we have lost,
O’ Goddess and God of the Moon, guide us to what we seek in this night,

O’ Father of Time, we fight against you away from time.”

They continue on their path without any fear or care of the world, still singing their melody of life. Singing and laughing the old couple walked into the clearing of the dark forest so all they can see is the sweet couple of the moon, shinning their sweet silver light souls upon the dark veil of the pure night. Together, they call out to the goddesses and the god in their chant, dancing side by side until they heard their old silent friend the wind, playing with his motionless friends of the forest. They sing and dance in their best clothes, the old man in his black tux along with a ruby red tie around his neck and a black hate with a black feather of the most beautiful raven that ever lived. The old woman wore a black dress along with a pair of black gloves and a black hat to cover her eyes. Suddenly, they stopped to stare at each other into their eyes, those portals to their souls. They embrace each other as their bodies glowed faintly then, brighter and brighter until they glowed as the stars up above, portals of the past and present. It seems like hours and hours since they embrace when finally, the bright stars dimed into a young couple, a gentleman and a maiden both dressed in dark clothes. The gentleman stared at his lover, laying his warm smooth hand on her rosy cheek and moved closer until he could feel her lips locked with his own. Softly he whispers “My love, the ones up above allowed us to be free from the hands of Father Time. They hear our chants, our prayers, our cries for the youth, love and the sweet feel of the moonlight we had lost during the years in the forest……away from the new centuries, away from time as it changes…..” The young maiden looked at him with emerald eyes as he took her hand, kissing it softly with his ruby red eyes closing ever so slowly. Now it was her turn to speak, in a soft cheerful voice she said “My love, lets spend the night with others once more…..our old peers in this new age in time.” She took his hand and dragged him into the darkness of the forest, laughing with her young lover as she disappears with a small smile forming on her lips. Together the couple danced, laugh, ran to the city and sings their chant until the couple in the white, sliding down their star filled mountain, letting the sun chase them and the darkness until another day when the sun dies, letting the darkness take over once more.

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A.Dreamer said...
Aug. 3, 2010 at 7:56 pm
I like how this took place a little while ago. :) You did a very good job setting the scene of this story too!
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