Welcome to Hell

February 8, 2010
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Something is wrong, Something isn't right. I'm leaving my world behind. This is wrong. I need to wake up. This isn't real, there is no way. But my sins are catching up to me, and i can't see the light. I'm running, i'm running, i'm running faster. Darkness is catching up with me, but i keep running. I know i am dying, and heaven is just in my grasp, i just have to beat the darkness. I have the will. But the light just keeps getting farther, and the echo of my footsteps as getting quieter. I hear faint laughter in the distanse, faint familiar laughter. The one that condemned me to this. The one who got me here. I turn around and there he is. There is no running back for the light, it's already gone now. "It's you." i say
"Welcome to hell."

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