Bleu Moons-Rewrite

February 4, 2010
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Bleu Moons

Navi, Indigo, Turquoise, Skye…
The daughters of a wolf named Bleu. They were living a normal life, until their mother was taken from them by humans. Filled with anguish, the wolf sisters decide to trust black bird that comes out to the daylight and turns them into human beings with a special As they approach an unknown village, they are confronted by a vicious bear that tries to warn them of the little village they are approaching. Soon, they uncover secrets of themselves, their parents and the truth about the stone.

Navi: The oldest of the litter. Navi was considered a semi alpha until the disappearance of Bleu, who was the current leader. Navi is strong willed, serious- minded (most of the time) and overprotective when it comes to family decisions. Navi can hard most of the time, but is very compassionate animal… if you get on her good side. Navi has dark blue fur, white paws, muzzle, and blue eyes. In her human form, she has messy dark blue hair and blue eyes. She wears a dark blue shirt with a blue jean jacket and dark blue pants with black boots. She looks about nineteen years old.

Indigo: The second oldest of the litter. Indigo is an intelligent wolf with attitude. She sometimes acts bossy at times of need, but is fierce and fun-loving. She also likes to tease her sisters, especially Skye, but loves her just as much as she is annoyed by her. Indigo has indigo blue fur with a white underbelly and golden yellow eyes. In her human form, she has indigo blue flipped bob with blue eyes. She wears a blue tank top with a dark jacket that has cut off sleeves, a dark blue skirt with dark knee-high socks and blue high tops. She looks around eighteen years old.

Turquoise: The middle youngest of the litter. Turquoise is the shyest among her sisters. Besides her shyness, Turquoise is a very caring wolf who would help others, no matter who they are. Despite of her being merciful towards others who try to hurt her, Turquoise won’t tolerate anyone who doesn’t think she’s as tough as her sisters. Turquoise has turquoise blue fur with a white muzzle, legs, under belly, and blue eyes. In her human form, she has silvery- gray elbow length hair and brown eyes. She wears a black shirt with a gray sweatshirt, with black pants and low gray boots. She looks around the age of sixteen.

Skye: The youngest of the litter. Skye is the most obnoxious wolf you could ever meet. She’s sometimes goofs off and acts very annoying with her sisters (mostly Indigo). Skye can be careless at times, but will always come at the time of need and will stand up to enemies who try to hurt her family and/or friends. Skye has, instead of having blue fur like her sisters, black fur with a white muzzle, paws, and sky blue eyes. In her human form, she has black shoulder length hair with sky blue eyes. She wears a black short sleeved shirt with white sleeves, black baggy pants, and black and white converse shoes.
She looks about fourteen years old.

Chapter 1 That Day


I remember the day…. the day that everything changed.
She was just gone right before our eyes. A net covering her, she was being lifted by hands and into a red truck, driving away. A feint smell of her scent was being covered up by gasoline. I watched in horror in the tall golden- colored grass. I couldn’t believe it. My mother was gone.
“Mother!” shouted Skye, as she tried to run towards the truck.
“Skye, it’s no use! Don’t put yourself in danger too.” I said.
Skye stopped dead in her tracks, knowing there was nothing she could do.
“But…but Navi…” she says, with pleading sky blue eyes.
“Don’t start Skye. It is not the time.”
“What do you mean not the time!? Those awful men…humans, just took our mother away!”
“Skye!” shouted Indigo, walking out of the golden grass with Turquoise, my other younger sister. “You have to calm down. Yelling won’t solve everything.”
“Yeah, well what are we suppose to do then?”
“I don’t know… Navi, what should we do?” Everyone turned and looked at me.
Sometimes whenever mom went to away for a while, she would put me in charge because I was the eldest. Grandmother died of old age and good friend of ours had been missing for six full moons. Our father…Well that was different story.
When she was here everyone depended on her…. Now that’s she’s gone everything is turning around and they are depending on me now.
“I… I… I don’t know you guys.” I felt useless. How could I not know what to do?
“I can help,” said a voice…

We all turned around, not knowing where the voice had come from. A stone fell from the tree and landed on the ground. Skye peered at the stone, curious at the sight of it.
“Hey guys,” she says, “come over and look at this.” Her sky blue eyes glistened in the stone’s light.
It was amazing. Never in my life have I seen such a stone with lightest- blue color. And not only that, it glows whenever we get close to it.
“This is so cool,” Indigo says, golden eyes widening with interest.
“I’ve never seen stone like this before.”
“It’s pretty,” Skye beamed, “I wonder if I can touch it...”
“Don’t”, I say, putting my paw on Skye’s. “We don’t know what it can do.”
“It can help you on your quest,” said a voice.
“Who are you? And what do you want with us?”
“Relax will ya?”
A huge black bird swooped down and landed in front of us.
“Wow,” said Turquoise, “your feathers are beautiful.”

“Why thank you very much,” said the bird, flaunting his feathers as Turquoise looked with awe in her blue eyes. He had soft black feathers that shined when the sun hit him just right.
I cleared my throat so he can stop showing off in front of my little sister. What an imbecile.
“Oh, my apologies said the shamed bird. “Anyways, about the stone…”
“Yes,” I interrupted, “we want to everything about this stone and what it does.”
“And I will make sure to inform you on that. Now this is a very special stone. It has the power to shape shift anything.”
“Anything, Are you sure you’re not tugging my tail?”
“Yes anything, I overheard your conversation and saw what happened.”
I narrowed my eyes and growled at the bird.
“Hey!” It’s not my fault! He protested, “I can’t help it if I know your business!”
If he says one more word to offend me, I’ll eat him alive.
“Look, what I’m saying is that this stone can change you guys into humans so you can sneak into the village undetected.”
“WHAT,” I bellowed. My sisters jumped as they heard my vicious growl.
“It is… the… only …way,” replied the scared bird.
I glared and him and walked away.
“Navi,” Indigo says, her paws making a pounding sound on the ground as she ran after me. “Would you just listen to him for a minute?”
“I cannot become them,” I answered, throatily.
“Well, we don’t have a choice. This could be the only way to save mother.”
I scowled at her.
“You know we have to do it.” Indigo looked at me with those strong golden-yellow eyes.
“She’s right, Big Sister,” says Skye walking towards us. “It’s the only way.” Her sky blue eyes too were begging me to accept.
“We must do it for Mother.” Turquoise looked at me with a reassuring glance.
“What do you say?”
I closed my eyes and let out a long breath. As much I hated the sight of the humans, let alone their smell, I could be the only way to save our mother. So I did what had to do, despite my own stubbornness.
“Alright,” I say “let’s do this.”

. . .
“Are you sure this is going to work?” I asked as glared at the black bird.
“Of course,” says the black bird, Midnight. “I’ve seen this done many times before.”
“What do you mean?”
“Ah nothing, so let’s get this started.”
“Its not going to hurt is it?” asked Turquoise, nervously eyeing the bird.
“You might feel a little different, but you’ll be just fine.”
“I just hope,” says Indigo, “that this will work.”
“Trust me,” says the bird, “it will.”
We all stood together, waiting for Midnight to explain the situation that we were getting ourselves into.
“Alright, I’m gonna tell you one of the very important rules about this stone. Once the stone has covered you, it will never come off.”
“What do you mean ‘never come off?” asked Indigo.
“What I mean is that there’s no turning back once you make this decision. You will have the ability to shapeshift for as long as you live.”
“Cool!” says Skye, excitement in her eyes. Midnight cleared his throat so that he could continue.
“Anyways, when the stone is sprinkled upon you, you have used your head when you want to shapeshift.”
“Use our heads?”
“Yes. You have to think about being a human before you can actually look like one.”
“But how are we supposed to do that?” I asked. I still was feeling a little funny about this whole thing.
“You’ve seen a human before right?”
“Yes. We all have.”
“Then it shouldn’t be a problem then. All you have to do us think about being a human and you will automatically become one.”
“What if we want to change back?”
“Do the same thing all over again. Think about being a wolf again and that will do it just.”
I tilted my head to side a bit, one ear up and another down towards my face. My sisters recognized my gesture, which meant that I was satisfied. Indigo perked her ears while Skye swayed happily sided to side, and watched Turquoise close her eyes as her ears flattened against her head, reassurance crossing her face.
“So, are you guys ready?” Midnight asked, looking at the four of us.
We nodded and the black bird held the stone between his feathers, crushed it, and then threw the dust among us.

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