The white wolf

January 28, 2010
By Megz .H. BRONZE, Cicero Ind., Indiana
Megz .H. BRONZE, Cicero Ind., Indiana
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I was walking down the road. Minding my own buissness. Walking and walking. Thinking about things. Really the first things that come to mind. All the sudden, out of no where, a gaint white wolf jumped out infront of me. I defanitly thought twice about taking one step forward or one step backward. But, it was really unusual for a wolf to be out in the open in day time. Especaily a white wolf. I'd never seen a white wolf before. The weirdest thing about all of this was, he just stood there. Kinda like a lost doe just looking for her family that got left behind in the woods. She stood there for a while. Just staring at me. Then about 2minutes later, I could have sworn she said something. But I knew she really didn't.

She ran. Ran extremaly fast. It was kind of like I had seen a ghost. That's how fast she ran. She scared me. Then, after she had ran off, some how, it changed me. It was like, she had the power to change things. And powers really never work on me but she must have had a really strong one. Because as soon as I left where I stayed standing for about a total of 15 minutes of akwardness, I felt like I was going to fall. Like I was going to faint. You know? Do you know that feeling where you can't move? Where your heart is in pieces? And no one of nothing can fix it? Do you know that feeling? Now I do. I will never ever forget that moment. The moment where the White Wolf changed me. Changed me for life.

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on Dec. 1 2010 at 1:14 pm
i confused can u not do chapters on this site? im still learnin bout it though so i dont know. if yall want another sit like this go 2


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