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The boy with Chuck Taylors.

January 28, 2010
By AmereMortal GOLD, Russellville, Alabama
AmereMortal GOLD, Russellville, Alabama
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The boy with chuck talors took a
walk down memory lane,think about
the first time he ever wore a pair.
Those chucks took him places of
glory and fame,places around the world, in his journeys he also
came upon pain,people dying or killing,people eaten away by hunger
seeing hate and happyness along
these roads and lanes,across countries and continets, he felt
sorry for all he'd ever thout the was,he'd found it more sorrowful
than anything he'd ever heard about
He looked down at his feat and
was thankful he had shoes at all,
he whent home with a new heart for
all people,regardless of race, creed or gender,he was just thank-
ful he was blessed with simplest
pair of shoes.

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