January 28, 2010
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It seemed like a normal morning, for another boring day, in this boring town. Iris lazily turned off her alarm clock, and opened her eyes to look at the ceiling and listen to the noise from the other room. Iris blinked as nothing came to her ears. Iris groaned and tip-toed to her door and put a ear against the frigid cold door.
What the heck was going on? it was Tuseday, a day of school, work, practice, and life. Iris looked at her calender to confirm it.
Iris quietly and slowly opened the door and looked into the kitchen. nothing, nada, zip. was nobody awake yet? Yes! The first to shower. Iris quickly grabbed a towel and jumped intot he shower, savoring the hot water. Iris perpously, took a extra fifteen mintues in the shower, just to annoy her sister and brother.
Once again, no sound came from her house. It was like Christmas, nobody was stirring. Not even a mouse. Iris sighed, and went to her room annoyed that nobody was awake. School would be starting in half a hour. How could nobody be awake? Iris quietly pulled on her favorite and most comfortable jeans and a plain sweatshirt. This would get a rise out of her sister. Iris crept upstairs, and froze. why bother being quiet? Iris stomped upstairs, and banged on the door of her sister's, brother's, and parents door. Iris leaned against the wall and waited. And waited.
And waited some more. "What is gonig on?" Iris demanded glaring at herself in the mirror. Iris knocked on her parnets door and opened it slowly, asking for her parents. "Mom? Dad? Are you guys awake yet?" Iris poked her head in and gasped at the sight of her parents.
lying in there bed, they were were completly drenched in blood. Iris stood numb, unable to look away from her parents dead limbs. Iris was unaware at how she was suddenly right beside her mother. Her mothers large beautiful Carribean blue eyes stared back into Iris's plain brown ones, glazed. Iris put a hand on her mothers shoulder and yelped at how forzen she was. Iris, walked back to the hallway closing the door and knocked on her brothers door. "Max?" she called, and opened the door, Iris blinked as a cold ripple exploded inside her. her brother looked like he was sleeping peacefully. Blood was soaked along the sheets, and dripping into a pile beside him. Iris closed the door and went to her sisters room. she didn't knock, but when the image met her eyes she screamed. Brittney screamed, and they fell together sobbing, for there lost family.

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