Man in the Mirror

January 28, 2010

I didn’t really feel myself this weekend but maybe it’s all in my head. The next day I woke up fine, went to school, and came home as usual. When I got home my mom or dad wasn’t there and they left a note on my door saying that “Ronny, we had to go to a business meeting in Florida for the week, love mom and dad.” So I just went into my room and started to do my homework like every day.

It was about 9pm now and I just finished getting ready for bed.

It was about 5am and I woke up with a nasty cold. I went to the bathroom downstairs and I heard something coming from the kitchen. It was almost footsteps and a banging noise. The first thing I did was run back up stairs and shut the door very quietly so if it was a thief he wouldn’t come after me. After about an hour I went back downstairs and it was back to normal. I didn’t get to go back to sleep that night, by the time I felt safe it was time for me to go to school.

The next day after school I went into the kitchen to see if I can find anything that is messed up and I do. There is a broken cup and a broken plate, I am surprised to see that the broken plate has something on it but I don’t know what it is.
I have been hearing the same noise in the bathroom as I have heard in the kitchen that one day, it sounded exactly like what I hear in the kitchen once in a while. I don’t really want to go in there because I am afraid. I don’t know why I just am. I have never felt like this before and it feels very different, it feels like I am not myself anymore. I think I have become a different person since the banging, like it was a spirit that took over my body. I am not sure though. I feel the same in some ways but not all ways. We will have to see what happens in the next couple of days.
My parents have not finished our house yet. The second floor is not done yet but we are almost there. The bathroom is the worst spot. We have a mirror and it freaks me out. It is broken and that is a sign of bad luck. I went in there one day and the mirror was fine then I went in there another day then it was broken. One day I went into the bathroom and the curtain to the shower was moving, it was like there was a ghost in here and it got really cold in there and it was August. My mom and dad told me that someone died before we lived here and this house was haunted.

It is about 10:30pm on Saturday and I am getting ready to go play the Ps3 with my friend Dalton. After a while I and he got bored so we decided to go to bed. Dalton and I do some crazy things when we are together. It is funny sometimes and sometimes it is plain out stupid. We were playing man hunt in the house and I decided to go into the bathroom, I thought that I heard the banging noise that I heard when I was in the bathroom and I didn’t even care at the time, I was in the shower, well I was hiding in the shower, not actually talking one and this time I knew that I heard it. I came out of the bathroom running. Right when I ran out I looked in the mirror and seen something in the mirror. It looked like a demon or something like that. It almost looked like the grudge. It was tall, skinny, had long hair that covered its face and it seemed like it took over my body because I couldn’t stop running. I knew something bad was going to happen but I didn’t know what it was. I didn’t know what it was but I wasn’t going to stop and ask or look what it was. I knew I had to get out of the house and call my mom and dad somehow but I didn’t know how. I ran out of the house and ran in the street BEEEEEP! It was a car and it was coming at me at 60 miles an hour. BEEEEEEEP! Bang. And then……… I realize I was dreaming. I can’t believe it, it was all a dream. My mom and dad were calling me to come downstairs and eat some breakfast. It seemed so real. I don’t know how it was a dream. I guess it was all in my head…….

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