Hero Complex

January 31, 2010
By midnight_dreamer BRONZE, Ames, Nebraska
midnight_dreamer BRONZE, Ames, Nebraska
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7:00 AM

Urgh! Time once again to wake up and go through yet another routine, mundane day of high school. Whoever said that high school is the time of your life, must not have had my schedule. Okay it’s not all that bad. My friends always seem to manage to distract me from my day and make me have a good round of laughter. Then there is Nate. He’s definitely a bonus package to the high school deal. I know he can relieve my boredom, he can save me from my day. Yep he’s mine.

7:45 AM
Here it goes again. Okay I can do it, I mean how hard can it be? Get out of the car, walk down the path and pull open the door. I’ll do it on the count of three. One-Car. Two-Path. Three-Door. Phew that wasn’t so bad. Wait….there he is. He quickens his speed to greet me with a big hug and he spins me. I’m back. Fremont. this is where I was meant to be. This is my home. Friends are gathering around me to greet me and welcome me back. It almost feels like I never left.

7:57 AM
Everyone is beginning to fade into the distance as the bell rings. Well not quite everyone Nate stays, gazing into my eyes. He reassures me that everything will be okay. He tells me he loves me and that I need to get my butt to class. I try to fight the fact, but I give in. We part our ways and I spin back around just to get one more look at him. Apparently great minds think alike because when I turn around I catch him gazing in my direction. I race back to him for one more hug! Just one more I promise him. As I pull myself out of his embrace, I hear a loud noise. I spin to find the source and Jordan saunters in waving the gun which was shot against a wall. I suppose he wanted to make an entrance. People begin to run in terror in all different directions, I freeze. The school’s alarms begin to go off, I hear someone speaking over the intercom, but for some reason all I can comprehend is a distant murmur.

8:00 AM
Jordan speaks.
“You filthy liar! How dare you do this?”

“What are you talking about Jordan?”

“You’ve betrayed me!”

“And how do you suppose I’ve done that?”

“You’re with him you idiot! I told you, you are mine! You never listen! I warned you!”

“Jordan I’m sorry, but I’m not yours. We’re not together and we won’t be together. But you can still have a life, a life without me yes, but a life. Just take a deep breath and walk out the door now. You can still get out of this!”

“Shut up! Do not talk to me like I’m an idiot or a child! I don’t know any other way to get it through to you that you are mine! Plain and simple! No one! No one, can have you! I’m leaving and I am getting out of here, but with you!”

8:04 AM
My mind is spinning. I don’t know what to do. I never expected Jordan to break. I always thought that he was just a love struck hick that would get over it in time when he met his Miss Daisy Duke.

“Leave her alone! Look man it wasn’t like we planned to fall in love. This kind of thing just happens. She didn’t do this to hurt you! She’s right you can still get out of this, she may not be going with you, you still have a chance.”

Nate grabs my hand, as our sweaty palms connect. I hear it! It comes spinning straight at Nate. I move.
8:05 AM
I gaze into his eyes. His wonderful bright eyes. Then a fierce fire of pain burns through my body. My whole world turns inside out. I fall into Nate.

???? AM

Spinning lights, murmurs, lights, murmurs…..

“I love you Jonne`, you’re mine! Don’t leave! No one will ever hurt you again, I promise!”


???? ??

Bright lights, murmurs, lights, murmurs…..

“Come on Frebel! You’re safe. He’s gone. I’m here now you need to be here too!”


What is that smell? It smells like flowers. It smells like medicine. It smells like death. Where am I? Is this what the after life smells like? No, no this is what the hospital smells like. I pull myself out of my slump and there he is half conscious with his hand in my hand. I squeeze it and he jolts up!

“I knew you could do it! You’re the strongest person I know and the most hypocritical person I know!”

“Wow, what a greeting. What do you mean by hypocritical?”

“Well aren’t you always the one that insisted I wasn’t allowed to have a hero complex?”

“Oh that. Um what no thank you?”

“Thank you? Thank you for putting your life in jeopardy? I don’t think so.”

“I love you too.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah well from now on leave the hero business to me. No ifs ands or buts about it.”

The author's comments:
The short story is a nightmare I had for weeks.

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