Devastating Tales

January 31, 2010
By , brooklyn, NY
One day in a gang violent project, a kid got shot on the block of Fountain Avenue. His name was Lenell Rodriguez. He was a cool, nice boy. Anybody would have wanted to meet him. He had blue-green eyes, pale skin, and blonde hair . he lived brooklyn his whole lifetime. He was a good kid, never did anything, got straight A's in schools. His mom Elizabeth gave birth to him on December 23rd in 1992, meaning he was only 16 when he passed away, two days before him turning 17. Imagine your son dying before the year even beginning. So this is how his story went like this.

Long ago when he was at the age of 2 his dad had left him with mom Elizabeth. It was sad to see a father walk away from a child at that age, cause in the future, he wouldn't know who was his father. It was also hard for the mother because a few years later Lenell had suffered a bad case of seizure at the age of 5. At the moment of waiting for the doctors to find the cure for Lenell, the father had came back after 3 years just to ask Lenell "Are you okay son?" and Lenell crying said "It's been three years, and now is when you decide to come back. No please get out i don't want you to be here". The father tried kissing Lenell on the forehead but Lenell pushed him away and yelled "PLEASE GET OUT!" then at that moment Elizabeth came storming in telling the father to please leave. Then the father had stormed out angerly and never came back to ask "why are you treating me like this?". Days later the doctor called to say that he can go back to school. The next day he went to school and Mrs.Wilkes had asked him "Are you feeling better Lenell ?" He responded with an exciting "Yes". It was outstanding year for Lenell Rodriguez.

Years Later
He had went to a junior highschool named Family Academy, and ofcourse as any other freshmans, he did get bullied, thrown in trash cans, swirly's in the bathroom toilets. but he didnt let that get to him and his grades. He tried his best to ignore the bullying. He kept bringing straight A's to mommy Elizabeth. Mami Elizabeth was so proud of Lenell, it came out in tears of how proud she was of him and of how much pressure she has been through. It's been years since Elizabeth has been through a relationship.

Days Later
Elizabeth had met this guy named Pedro Santiago. They had mostly everything in common, for example, wife had left Pedro with a daughter of the age of 13, both child had suffered a bad case of seizures at the age of 5, and more. Elizabeth and Pedro started talking and stuff. Elizabeth had invited pedro and his daughter to come and meet her son Lenell and to come eat a Hispanic dish. The next day pedro had came with his 13 year old daughter, which he finally introduced her to be the name of Kiara Santiago. It seemed as if Lenell knew Kiara because they both go to Family Academy. So what was left to knoe was that if Pedro was good enough for Elizabeth and Lenell himself. It turned out that Lenell loved Pedro as if Pedro was his father since he was born. One more thing that was left to knoe is if Elizabeth was good enough for Kiara's dad Pedro. When hours seemed as if it was minutes, Pedro and Kiara had left Elizabeth' house. At that moment Lenell and Elizabeth were talkning. Elizabeth had said "He's a nice guy isn't he Lenell?" Lenell responded with a "yeah i love him as if he were my own dad, hey i have a brilliant idea, why don't you marry Pedro mami?" Elizabeth had said "Because it's to early for that and besides we only been dating for a couple of days". As the days went by Kiara and Lenell had started a great Brotherly, Sisterly connection. Months had passed & Pedro and Elizabeth had a strong connection building up. They were talking about moving out of Brooklyn, but Lenell refused because Brooklyn was his hometown since he was born but Elizabeth had said "Lenell this a perfect opurtunity to have a better life out of Brooklyn and to have a perfect family" but Lenell kept on Refusing to leave Brooklyn

1 Year later
Pedro had asked Elizabeth to go with him to RockeFeller Center to go iceskating. As they started iceskating, Pedro had asked Elizabeth to go to the middle to ask her something very very important. He kneeled down and asked "Would you like to marry me ?" she started crying and answered with a "Yess". When Pedro took Elizabeth home, both Lenell and Kiara was waiting for their parents in the living room. Elizabeth had showed Lenell the ring. Lenell got so furious and had asked "why werent we invited?" and Kiara had agreed with him. Now Lenell did not like pedro as much as he did a year ago. Lenell would have liked him beter if Pedro would have never said they were going to move out of Brooklyn. But in reality they did not so that kind of made Lenell quite happy.

In the Summer
When Lenell had thought this was going to be the best summer of his life, when in reality it really wasn't because Pedro had took the whole Family for a family vacation to in Alaska. Lenell thought "Why Alaska if it's summer?". Days went by when Kiara had gotten lost in the Summerly Cold, Lenell was the only one to go out of his chores to go look for Kiara. He had found her with a pack of wolves. But she was okay thanks to her brother Lenell, the only one who really care about Kiara. Because her dad and Elizabeth were to busy to even go look for their missing daughter. When Kiara and Lenell had arrived back to Pedro's family's house, Pedro and Elizabeth were waiting for them with such anger in their eyes and asked "Where were you guys?" Lenell had responded "Kiara had gotten lost, so i had to go look for her". Pedro like an unresponsible father had replie "Kiara could take care of her own self" Kiara broke down crying and ran into the house. Both Lenell and Kiara had the worst summer because they were the blame of Kiara being lost. So you would have thought this was the worst summer for Lenell and Kiara espicially when they are in Alaska for the summer when they could have been in a cruise experirncing new islands that they have never seened before.

2 Years later
Lenell and Kiara had gotten transfered into a High School named Beach Channel High in Far Rockway,Queens. They were not the highlights of that High School, so they got banned from that High School and got transfered into a new High School named High School for Classics. A couple of kids in that school were gang related so a group of kids walked up to Kiara and Lenell asking them if they wanted to be in that specific gang, and if they do they have to fight to be in that specific gang. So they fought and got in the gang of T.G.F. So they got caught up in all sorts of gang related non-sense such as robbing, killing. and being Juvinile Delinquents and Etc . . . Days Passed by when Kiara and Lenell had not come home in the past week. They were out selling drugs and so on and so on. When they finally came home after late nights out on the streets selling drugs and doing non-sense with gangs and fighting the mom Elizabeth was waiting for them at the door of their Apartment with a belt in hand. She had starting beating Kiara and Lenell and yelled at them "Where in the world were you guys, You guys could have been killed or something without me even knowing, you know how worried i was ?" Lenell had responded crying his out "Now is when you decide to care about us, after all these days ?". Since that day on Elizabeth had tooken Kiara and Lenell tp church and show them what was right from wrong. It seemed forever since both kids started being good and getting out of trouble. Weeks passed when Lenell and Kiara were coming from school excited to show their mom what they got on their regents exam when Kiara had heard T.G.F (their old gang) right in back of them. Right when Lenell was about to turn around and say "Hey guys, whats up, um yeah me and Kiara can't . . ." and at that moment his trail of words drifted as the sound of the bullet shot him in the chest. Lenell dropped in a blink of an eye, then Kiara had kneeled down checking her brothers pulse, crying as she did. She cryed out help to Elizabeth as Elizabeth was looking out her apartment window. The minute she saw her son on the ground covered in blood, she ran out the building with tears in her eyes, saying "Why my son, why Lenell ?". Lenell was trying to respond to his mom but instead he said "Mom, Kiara i love you both and tell Pedro i love him to" as he finished saying that, Lenell had passed away right then and there on the Corner of Fountain avenue. Mom Elizabeth and Sister Kiara started crying out "Why him & why not us god?"

Days passed
And they had already had the autopsy for Lenell, and the forensic had said that Lenell had tooken drugs before even going to school and that he had pierced lungs with a bullet inside from the gun that the gang had shot him with. They had already the funeral for the family can say their last goodbyes to Lenell Rodriguez. Also the Burial of Lenell Rodriguez.

Lenell Rodriguez
December 23 1993 - December 21 2009

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