Storm, not only in the sky.

January 30, 2010
I wait, patiently I stand. I am here in the storm of my mind, wet with sorrow, stinging with guilt, waiting for you. It has been over three days since ive seen you last, a glowing ember in the pit of my heart, where all else is ash, grey powder ash. Nothing more existed except the brief hope of you. Clouded skies swirl up above, dark storms clashing dissonance. Where are you? I am here. Are you there? Or there? I am here. Waiting for you. Nothing else is joyful, nothing else is there. I am here. Where are you? Gust send the leaves towards the heavens, sparing them storms furry. I need to be with them. Free of the painful gust, droplets stinging my skin. but I want to be with you. Three days in time, three days of hope, three days of cloudy skies but no rain, partial sunlight. only years of storms can teach you that. Hurricanes, typhoons, thunderstorms, life. The lightening has came close one too many times, I am no longer scared of thunder's shatter. I wait patiently, I stand. The leaves ride the wind to safety and I, too heavy watch them. Dancing with relief, a idle yet graceful leave. Gone away. I can smell the rain coming closer. closing my eyes, the first kisses my cheek. Dismal my skies become. The storm is coming, maybe I will be washed away. Where are you? My legs are tired, patches of sun gone. You are not here, but I am. Waiting, patiently. Barely. It was supposed to be a good day. It is raining, pouring upon my head. Weighing down, unable to fly. The leaves are gone, no longer is there a ride away. At least to me it is. Your ember nearly dim. Warmth is a dream, love is thought, you were here, years ago. Years ago everyday was summer. I wait, patiently I stand years ago. Alone. You never showed. Since years ago, ive been alone. The lightening has just begun its show. Extending a hand from the sky, It touches my heart. Your ember. I waited, I stood patiently. I am gone.

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