January 30, 2010
By criminalninja<33 SILVER, Hidalgo, Texas
criminalninja<33 SILVER, Hidalgo, Texas
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"things are only as beautiful as u percieve them"

I was walking down a new road. My whole life had been baffling and extraordinary in the weirdest way. I didn't have a best friend to talk to so I pretty much relied on my conscience and some logic. I was currently attending Maxwell High when I realized that there was nothing in store for me there. The atmosphere just caused me to want to become a person I wasn't. I thought one day I would completely lose it. Not having a best friend was horrible because I had nobody to turn to. I could've stuck with the group that included three girls: Chelsey, Breanne, and Mitchelle, but they kept ditching me and I had finally decided to put an end to it. The day after that, I switched lunch tables and hung out with a two girls, Alyssa and Monique. They seemed like the perfect gals. I was constantly laughing with them or at the silly things they'd do. Our friendship was the most delightful feeling I had felt ever since I learned to live without the three snobs.
One day, Alyssa had a proclamation "I haven't mentioned my boyfriend to you, have I?"
I stunningly responded with a no and looked back at her.
"His name is Damian Lee Ayala. We met through my sister."
I was surprised she finally did actually trust me. I guess I could trust her too. She didn't seem like she would ever backstab me. It was extremely difficult to picture Alyssa decieving me so trusting her wasn't a hard thing to do. I soon obtained Damian's number and discovered a numerous amount of things. He was the most comical person and gave the greatest advice. After two months, i had only hung out with him once so i at least knew who he was. At least his appearance wasn't completely a blur anymore. I had endless conversations on the phone with him and had the funnest times. I really couldn't be down when I had him to speak to, he had amazingly turned out to be the friend of a lifetime. "A friend?" my conscience had finally popped out on me. "I hope you're not confusing friendship for anything else.' I sighed. I think I might be falling for Damian. I cannot let that happen. Alyssa is my friend and she trusts me. I began to panic and I decided that I would hide any feelings I thought I might have and not get any closer to Damian. I planned to captivate my feelings and let everything just slide.
I continued to sit with Alyssa and Monique during lunch, but it didn't seem as easy when she brought up Damian. I learned to just plant a smile upon my face and ignore it like I did everything else. It worked. It worked except the fact that the pain was cummulative and it stacked on top of all the other challenges i might've had. The pain had become excruciatingly devastating so I decided to talk to Damian about it later on the phone. I couldn't do anything about it during school hours because he attended West Prep High so everything that happened with him and me was on the phone. I could tell him everything, which is why it was a piece of cake informing him that he meant something to me. He was a guy that actually understood what I said. I told him how lovely dovely it would be if Alyssa could comprehend what I spoke to her about, but she was a bit blond and lived on another planet.
It was later, and i was ecstaticly texting him. Suddenly, he texts me the something really weird. I thought he had sent it to somebody else. "okay, im tired of lying! My name is Amber. I'm a girl."
"umm...what?" I replied with fright.
"yeah, I'm a girl. My name is really Amber Lee Ayala."
"Really?" I responded devastatingly.
"I'm sorry kid. I really am sorry."
"It's okay... really."
"No. I'm such a jerk."
I didn't text back for a while because the shocking news had stunned me. A lot of things went through my mind. I wondered why Alyssa hadn't told me. I felt I had lived fictitious joy. I didn't know what to do... so I lay in my bed, weeping and continued on my baffling journey.

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umm... tried a new topic
hope u enjoy.

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