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January 27, 2010
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I am sitting on a soft, sandy dune, in the middle of a little island, staring out into the ocean. I notice some ships in the distance, catching choka (calamari). The thought of food makes my tummy rumble. Scorching my feet on the boiling hot sand as I walk, I decide to climb up a coconut tree, and gather some coconuts for my “brunch”.

Suddenly, a big, brown hairy “thing” falls at my feet, as I frighten away a cheeky troop of monkeys, leaving them jabbering behind in shock. I stare at the object, trying to figure what it is, when I remember the coconuts. So that’s what it is, I think to myself. I crack the coconut on the sharp edge of a rock, and drink the sweet, nutty milk.

Content, I stretch out, and lie in the golden sand, and think. How is it possible, that here, on this precious, little island, there is no crime, no sadness, and not once have I felt angry, impatient, or annoyed. Even though I am quite alone, I feel no loneliness, or fear. I feel free to do anything I want, to scream, to howl, and run around like a hooligan, I am free.

Then I realize: So this is what they call “FREEDOM”. What a life! A sharp pinch on my toe, arouses me from my thoughts. I look down, and notice that my foot had been resting on the hole of a crab’s home.
“Sorry, little fellow!” I say, patting him on his hard-shelled back.

After a quick dip in the ocean, I search for some dinner, and spot a school of tiny fish, that look so alike to a troop of tiny soldiers, yet, just the tiny flick of my finger, frightens them away, puzzled. I gaze up at the night sky, and the shining stars above. The moon looks like a happy face, always smiling.

A shooting star flies right in front of me, and its brightness reflects in the bottomless ocean, as dolphins dive their way, playing. As I listen to the peaceful sound of the gently crashing waves, that soothe my mind, and clear away all my thoughts, I find myself dozing off into a relaxed sleep.

I sleep, and I snooze, and awaken to the sound of a voice, calling my name continuously, only to awaken, and just to realize, that, it was all, only a dream…

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